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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Op-Ed: AwdalState, the endeavor of a desperate man


What was my surprise when I read Somaliland State minister for Foreign Affairs admonishing Mahiga for meeting Awdal State representative in Ottawa. And what was my astonishment when I heard that Somaliland Parliament speaker Cirro suggested that Magiha be barred from Somaliland for the same reason. Senior Somaliland officials if they want to comment on diplomatic issued ought to get the fact straight. In in this cases, it seems that they do not. I was present at the Mahiga event in Ottawa. Rashid Aw Nur, the so called Awdalstate spokesman was among the audience sporting an Awdalstate tee shirt. At the end of Mahiga presentation, members of the public got to ask questions as it became customary during the UN Special Envoy public assemblies. Most of the questions were dealing with the end of the transition period in Somalia.

Some southerners blamed Mahiga for encouraging Somaliland for what they called ''Somaliland secession'', to which the tanzanian diplomat responded that his main objective was to rescue South Somalia from the abyss. Mahiga said that Somaliland has perfected its institutions building and that commenting of its statehood quest is something out of his mandate.Rashid Aw Nur asked a question regarding his position on Awdalstate. The UN representative seemed not to understand the question, did not reply and just proceeded to the next question.

At the end of the meeting, everybody in the audience went on stage to shake hands with Mahiga. At that point, Rashid Aw Nur went beside Mr Mahiga and ask a friend to take a picture of him. The next day, using the above mentioned picture, talked about a meeting with Mr Mahiga.

The point I am trying to make is that for all those present in the Mahiga event, for the Ottawa residents and for all those who happen to know Rashid Aw Nur, there were obviously no meeting and no talk between Mahiga and an Awdalstate representative (whatever this means).

Mr Aw Nur is a hapless unemployed man in Ottawa leaving off welfare in a housing project. He has absolutely no education, no command of the English language whatsoever, never held a job in Ottawa but yet claim to be garyaqaan (lawyer) on his website. Awdalstate is the endeavor of a desperate man. Tired of his welfare checks, Mr Aw Nur thought of a get quick rich scheme: announce the birth of Awdalstate, collect funds from people hailing from Awdal to pay for travel expenses to Nairobi to scam the UN. His plan did not go well, nobody gave him money for Awdalstate.

His latest scam involves collecting money fro the Awdal diaspora on the pretension of helping the drought victims in Luggage. Never shy of inciting clan hatred, I saw him this last weekend making the rounds of Tim Hortons arguing that Hargeisa preferred to help Mogadishu over Lughaya and hoping to a quick cash for his khat sessions.

That kind of individual is obviously nort worth Somaliland senior officials time and energy. Better intelligence (information gathering) or better intelligence (judgment) is therefore required from now onwards.

Mohamed Weheliye (Ottawa, Canada)

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