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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Op-Ed: Hacking is a criminal offence, according to the “crimes and Criminal Procedure section, Internatio​naly

''Qarrannes has become the platform of those against the current Somaliland government, because the former government, and the former minister of finance use to pay money to the guy runs the website''

I was reading the current allegation by Qarannews against the Somaliland Foreign Minister, and I would like to comments as follows:- We all know that Hacking some one’s email is a most grievous and serious crime internationally, and publishing the contents is a more serious crime. What Qarrannes did was a treason in big way and the guy who did this should face the justice, either in Somaliland or in Britain, wherever he resides now.

The penalty of this crime ranges from 10 to 15 years, if proven guilt of malicious nature, email hacking has become a more common problem and one that both Internet service providers and law enforcement continue to fight. Because email is considered private information, email hacking can be a criminal offense and is defined as unauthorized use of an email account

Furthermore, why they did this unimaginable state of conspiracy against the Somaliland Foreign Minister? Was it personal vendetta or a high treason they willfully took, to subvert the State of Somaliland and the family of the President?

What they did is not anyway a Press Freedom, but tragic in a big way. Some of us claim that the Minister is trying to muzzle the Press. That is untrue and the current government encourages the freedom of the press in my view. I was watching a press conference made by someone who claim to represent human rights office in Somaliland, and another who is a member of the Somaliland parliament, who ignorantly defend this man.

I believe both of these gentlemen have no clue of what hacking is. The minister did not say in his email that this guy is linked to a terrorism, but said the information they divulged might fall in the hands of terrorists, and that is correct. Furthermore, since this guy is a British citizen, and the crime committed falls on the jurisdiction of Scotland Yard they should investigated the culprit, whether his MP in Hargeisa likes or not.

Qarrannes has become the platform of those against the current Somaliland government, because they were the mouse piece of the former government, and the former minister of finance use to pay the money this guy runs the website [that was the speculation commonly believed in Somaliland during the Riyaale government].

My comments do not anyway support the Foreign Minister, but ethically wrong and that, a responsible person or website should not publish something like this, while knowing that the information in hand is hacked from a private email of a State Minister. To be an opposition does not mean or anyway, warrant to dig that bad in any civilized society, and in Somaliland particularly. It is unpatriotic and selfishness to say the least.

There must be a limitation to press freedom and when such unprecedented event comes to light, the government has the right to go after people like Qarannews.

I still support that, a case against Qarannews should go ahead and the truth should come to light. Somaliland websites and news papers must refrain from such a crime.

By Omer Hussein Dualeh

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