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Friday, November 25, 2011

Op-Ed:- The hush hush trip of Mr. ''Siilaanyo''

Mr. Ahmed M. M Siilaanyo is in London now. Why is he there? No one knows. He and his entourage (including the young energetic Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi) have failed to tell their own people why is the president is in London now. Is he vacationing at his London home? Is he seeing his doctors? Is he seeing his British government counterpart(s)? Or is he really partying? No one knows. Why ask these questions?Well, the president was elected last year on the promise that he will work honestly for his own people and that he will not waste their hard earned tax money.

You see, Mr. Siilaanyo and his entourage are spending a lot of money now (hundreds of thousands of dollars) on this trip alone and yet no one knows why should the people spend so much money on this trip, and the people have the right to know.

Why is the trip a hush hush thing? No one is saying whether Mr. Siilaanyo is in London for a personal reason or for an official one. Either explanation is okay, but the people have the right to know.

Is it a personal visit?We know that the president and his wife still have, and maintain, a house in London. Can we say the president is vacationing at his home in London with his family? That is okay, but the people have the right to know.

Is it a medical visit?We know that the president is a senior man in his eighties and that he needs regular physical checkups. Can we say he came to London to see his doctors? That is okay too, but the people have the right to know.

Is it an official visit?We know that president can travel abroad to meet with his counterparts to discuss concerned matters. Can we say he went to London to meet with the Prime Minister or his deputy or any other British government official, for that matter? That is okay too, but the people have the right to know.

Is it for dinner parties? We know, so far, the only two events that the president have participated in London were two dinner parties! Can we say the only thing the president’s chief protocol, Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi, succeeded to do for him was to arrange those two dinner parties? That is okay too, but the people have the right to know.

One such party was with his diaspora people in London where mostly single mothers were asked to contribute 20 pounds each to rent the hall for the ceremony for the welcome party for the president.

The other dinner party was with a group of ordinary white British citizens from different walks of life who wanted to meet with the president and his entourage.

Is that all that the good political doctor can do for his president?

A third dinner party for the first lady

Not to be out done by the men, the third dinner party was especially organized for Her Excellency, Amina-Waris, by her women friends in London who also contributed to the expenses of the welcome party from their meager benefit resources.

The colorful dinner party pictures at Hadhwanaagnews

We all enjoyed looking at the very colorful party pictures displayed very well at the electronic pages of the now famous Hadhwanaagnews (for its regular egotistical interviews and colorful party “xaflad” pictures). The photos, which were accompanied by little or no text story, were gathered by the website’s, equally, attention seeking reporter(s) who seem to be in every picture themselves!

So, can we say that all that the people got for their hard earned tax money, and from this visit, were colorful pictures of heavy-set, heavily-makeup women and men who were devouring plates full of bariis, baasto, and, the ever delicious, lamb meat? That is okay too, but the people have the right to know.

Now, the Djibouti extravaganzaIf we argue that the people have gained nothing from the president’s London trip, what can they then possibly gain from the expenses incurred again by yet another high level delegation, led, this time, by the Honorable Mr. Xirsi Cali, that left for Djibouti (Nov. 22, 11) to meet with the president there?

This presidential welcoming party at Djibouti is composed of ministers and other high level officials, including Mr. Geeljire, the former Minister of Information and clan satirist (Dubbe iyo Doolaal). Can we say, then, that this delegation also went to Djibouti for partying? That is okay too, but the people have the right to know.

In sum, can we say what a waste of money?

I wonder how would the scrupulous, honest, and penny-counting Minister Mohamed Hashi would account for all these money spent on these huuhaa trips, when we know there are lots of other needs among the people who own these money!

Where is the accountability that Mr. Siilaanyo has promised?

Ibrahim M. Hassan, M.A. (ibraahimxasan@gmail.com)


Posted by Hodan A.

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