.....(Hal-ku-dhigyo Dhaxal-gal Noqday) = ..... President, C/raxmaan A. Cali: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland dib ayay ula soo Noqotay Qaran-nimadeedii sidaa awgeed, waa dal xor ah oo gooni u taagan maanta (18/05/1991) laga bilaabo''...>>>>> President, Maxamad I.Cigaal:''Jiritaanka Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland'' Waa mid waafaqsan xeerasha u-degsan Caalamka! Sidaa darteed, waa Qaran xaq u leh in Aduunku aqoonsado''...>>>>> President, Daahir R. Kaahin: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland waa dal diimuqraadi ah oo caalamka ka sugaya Ictiraafkiisa''...>>>>> President, Axmed M. Siilaanyo: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, Boqol sano haday ku qaadanayso helista Ictiraafkeedu way Sugaysaa! Mar dambena la midoobi mayso Somalia-Italia''.....[***** Ha Jirto J.Somaliland Oo Ha Joogto Waligeed *****].....

Monday, December 31, 2012

“The Government of Somaliland congratulates its people on successful local elections

Press Release
- The Government of the Republic of Somaliland welcomes the outcome of Somaliland’s November 28th local elections, our latest in a series of several presidential, parliamentary and local elections stretching back to 2002.
Following a successful period of peaceful campaigning and voting in which the country’s hard-won 21 years of stability was maintained, the election results have finally been tabulated and verified. We would like to congratulate all the local counselors, mayors and governors on their successes, while also commending those who have lost for respecting the results and maintaining the dignity of the country’s democratic process. We echo the praise of the international election observers of our people’s sincere commitment to democracy.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Somaliland: Green Growth with Guul Group

Green Growth
- Guul Group is a corporation that has a sizeable portfolio and is operating across many business platforms. Its extensive range of businesses includes transportation and logistics, energy, agriculture, fishery, telecommunications, and consultancy services. It has striven to establish and bolster trade within Somaliland and the rest of the Horn of Africa.
The company will stand to earn from the recent push that the region has made in attracting global investors. The regional government has started to open up to investment opportunities and has begun to offer incentives and perks to firms and business entities who would like to do their business there. Somaliland has already attracted the interest of Britain; the country’s Department for International Development (DID) has pledged to allocate around 63 million pounds yearly for the gradual rebuilding of Somalia and has declared its intention of making Somaliland the focus of the development efforts.

Tele-Medical Education: Connecting medical students in Somaliland and the UK for Peer-to-Peer e-learning

- A self-declared independent state in northern Somalia. "In 1991, the Somali National Movement fighters recaptured the Somaliland capital city of Hargeisa after a 3-year civil war destruction of most healthcare facilities, compounded by mass migration or death of trained health personnel. Access to good, affordable health care for the average Somali greatly compromised." [1]

Only two inpatient psychiatric units and no psychiatrists working in the public sector.  Tropical Health Education Trust (THET) works in partnership with indigenous health professionals to improve care, building on existing systems and increasing access to health care for those who most need it, for mutual benefit; a proven means for establishing real global partnerships for development: Millennium Development Goal 8."
Read more:

London 2012 Olympics, Day 15: Mo Farah's double gold raises the roof at Olympic Stadium

- The noise as Mo Farah raised his arms to salute a second golden triumph reached an astonishing 140 decibels, so loud that it caused interference on the official finish-line photograph.  A glorious Games had reached an almost fancifully perfect conclusion and the entire Olympic Stadium, transfixed by the tenacity of Britain’s wiry Somali-born hero, appeared caught up in a state of delirium.
An audience encompassing everybody from the Mayor of London to David Beckham, the Prime Minister to Arnold Schwarzenegger, hollered until they were hoarse as they drank in the magnitude of Farah’s accomplishment. Brendan Foster, on his feet in the BBC commentary position, was in no doubt in reflecting upon the riveting climax to this race, where Farah withstood a ferocious late surge from Ethiopia’s Dejen Gebremeskel to add 5,000 metres gold to the 10,000m title he had captured seven days earlier.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Somaliland's Successful Council Election

Dr Michael Walls, International Election Observer’s joint co-coordinator, says that “Somaliland has made enormous progress in achieving a difficult transition to a form of representative democracy.
- Somaliland citizens, both at home and abroad, are breathing a sigh of relief that the contentious council election concluded peacefully and democratically. This election marked the second council election in Somaliland and the fifth direct vote since 2002. The election involved 7 political organizations, 23 districts across 6 regions, 1,900 polling stations, and nearly 2,500 candidates. Thousands of Somaliland citizens came out peacefully and participated in gigantic rallies throughout the country. Although diverse groups were campaigning for their respective political organization, they nevertheless gave equal respect and hospitability to all competing political organizations. After cautious counting, the Committee for the Registration of Political Associations and the Approval of National Parties in Somaliland approved three National Political Parties; namely, Kulmiye, WADDANI, and Ucid. The remaining four political organizations (Umada, Rays, Xaqsoor, and Dalsan) have conceded defeat.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012: Another Great Year Of Progress ''Somaliland

- The recently concluded local council elections in Somaliland have given many a few points to ponder. The relatively peaceful and apparently free and fair conduct of the election had been marred by the shambolic way in which the votes were counted and results announced by the Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC). There have also been rumblings from certain quarters of government interference. However, the fact that the elections were held gives encouragement to those who believe in and support the democratic process in Somaliland.
Democracy is not perfect, but it is the only form of political manifestation that gives hope to the ordinary citizens and allows a nation to join the rest of the civilised world. The fifth round of democratic elections in Somaliland once again highlights the continuing success of "Africa's best kept secret", and its ability to attain its long sought international de-jure recognition.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reverse brain drain: Heading home to Somaliland

Somalia reverse brain drain 2012 12 21
''There has to be some point in your life when you go back to look after your relatives and contribute to your country''. Ayan
HARGEISA, Somaliland — The Kulan Art Café is a bright airy place with murals and framed paintings by local artists, potted plants, fresh coffee and ice cream, homemade cakes and a menu featuring Western staples like pizza and hamburgers.
In Hargeisa, the capital of the breakaway state of Somaliland, there is nothing else like it. Nor is there anything like it elsewhere in Somalia, which is attracting increasing numbers of diaspora Somalis as the country gradually emerges from decades of conflict.
Among the returnees is the café’s owner Ayan Hussein, a striking woman in her 40s who decided to return to Somalia two years ago.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Djibouti: Xisbiga PND Oo Kala Jabay! *Dhegayso

- Xisbi siyaasadeed ka mid ah kuwa mucaaridka ah ee ka  jira Jamhuriyada Djibouti oo magaciisa la yidhaa PND, ayaa is-khilaaf siyaasadeed oo culusi uu ku yimid, xisbigaasi ayaa haatan u kala jabay 2 garab oo iska soo hor-jeeda. Xubno ka tirsan xisbigan la yidhaa magaciisa PND ayaa sheegay inay xilkii ka qaadeen guddoomiye Adan Rooble Cawaale oo isagu in badan xilkaasi hayay, isla mar ahaantaa waxa ay guddoomiye u doorteen mudane C/raxmaan Maxamed Alaale.

Talaabadaasi waxaa ka horyimid oo ku sheegay wax aan waxba ka jirin oo aan sal iyo raad toona lahayn gudoomiyaha xisbiga PND mudane, Aadan Rooble Cawaale. Mudane Aadan wuxu ku adkaystay inuu isagu yahay gudoomiyaha sharciga ah ee xisbiga siyaasiga ah ee PND. Hadaba Laba wareysi oo ku saabsan arintan oo ay idaacada Somali-VOA la yeelatay mudane C/raxmaan iyo mudane Aadan hoosta ka dhageyso.
*Dhegta maal*

Monday, December 24, 2012

Baarlamaanka Oo Soo Jeediyey In Guddi Baadhisa Loo Saaro Musuqmaasuqii Doorashadii Degaanka

- Mudaneyaasha Golaha Wakiilada Somaliland oo dood xasaasiya ka yeeshay Ajandaha kalfadhiga 20aad ayaa doodahooga ku soo jeediyey in guddi baadhisa loo saaro rabshadihii dhismashada iyo dhawaaca keenay ee ka dhashay natiijadii doorashada golayaasha deegaanada ee dalka ka qabsoontay 28 November 2012-ka iyo Musuqmaasuqii ka dhacay codadkii ka soo baxay doorashada, iyagoo dhinaca kalena mudanayaasha aqalabiyadoodu ay doodahooga ku soo jeediyeen in ajandaha kalfadhiga laga saaro xeerka saxaafada ee lagu shirqoolayo sharciga dhaqan galka ah ee anshaxa saxaafada oo ay ku tilmaameen mid muhmal ah, oo ka horimanaysa madaxbanaanida saxaafada, taas darteedna ay ku taliyeen in ajandaha laga saaro.
Gudoomiye ku xigeenka kowaad ee golaha wakiilada Baashe Maxamed Faarax oo gudoominayay fadhiga shalay oo ay doodahooga ka dhiibteen mudanayaal door ah oo iskaga aragti ahaa badidoodu in ajandaha lagu soo daro qiimaynta xaalada dalka, guddi baadhisana loo saaro dibaatooyinkii ka dhashay doorashada. Md Maxamuud Jaamac Xaaji Cilmi oo ugu horayn doodiisa ka dhiibtay ajandaha kalfadhiga ayaa ku dooday;

S/land becomes an unlikely model of democracy in the Horn of Africa that is playground for tyrants

''But Somaliland has demonstrated resilience in overcoming a legacy of civil war and destruction, and..''. Aly Verjee 
- On November 28, 2012, for the fifth time in 10 years, the former British protectorate of Somaliland held multiparty elections. With more than 2,000 candidates from seven political parties and associations contesting 379 seats, international observers described the polls as transparent and largely peaceful. But while hundreds of thousands queued patiently to cast their ballots, the election is at best a footnote in the annals of contemporary African democracy.

For Somaliland is in an unfortunate historical position: joined with Italian Somalia in 1960 to form the postcolonial republic of Somalia, the republic's chaotic vacuum of governance over the past 20 years has brought havoc to all parts of the country. In 1991, Somaliland charted its own course: it declared independence from the internationally recognised state of Somalia, formed its own governance institutions from its capital of Hargeisa, and set about rebuilding its infrastructure and economy.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Abwaan Cabdi Aadan Xaad '' Qays: Waraysi

Somaliland: Jealous Individuals Spread Hate and Lies About Abaarso Tech

- Last year Abaarso Tech got over $500,000 worth of scholarships for its students to study in America. These students have since performed incredibly well leading other American schools to take interest in Somali students. The highlights of the Abaarso Tech students’ performance in America include: Mohamed Abdirahman Hussein placing 3rd overall in the NEPSTA Division I New England Cross Country Championships. He also won his school’s historic Pie Race. Mohamed’s American school, Northfield Mount Hermon, is now receiving calls from top American universities wanting to make sure Mohamed comes to see their campus.
Deka Abdirahman Aden who not only is excelling at an extremely challenging academic schedule which includes 3 Advanced Placement courses, but who also recently spoke at a fundraiser which led to $60,000 being raised for a new Somali school for girls. At this fundraiser, Deka met the governor of Massachusetts. Naima Fuad Caydiid is so well liked by the administrators of the elite Taft School, that Taft has introduced Abaarso Tech’s Headmaster, Jonathan Starr, to other scholarship granting schools and organizations.

Dawladihii Hore Nabadgalyaday Ilaalin Jireen Tani-se Iyadaa Dalkii Duminaysa

- Xildhibaan Baar Siciid Faarax Dhahar oo ah xildhibaanada kaliya ee haweenayda ah ee ku jirta golaha Wakiilada Somaliland ayaa xukuumada Madaxweyne Axmed Siilaanyo ku eedaysay inay faragalin qaawan ku hayso hogaanada golayaasha deegaanada ee cusubi ay dooranayaan, waxaanay tilmaantay in dalka xaalado amaan darro iyo qalalaase ay ka abuurayso xukuumadu, waxaanay intaa ku dartay in hantidii qaranka ay xukuumadu u adeegsanayso sidii Maayaro u dhego nugul ay golayaasha deegaanadu u dooran lahaayeen, taas darteedna ay sheegtay in shaqaalihii dawlada loogu hanjabayo in shaqada laga eryi doono qofkii aan xildhibaankiisa golaha deegaanka ku jira aan ku soo xidhin xukuumada.
Xildhibaan Baar Siciid waxay sidaasi ku sheegtay mar uu shalay wargeyska Haatuf xogwaraysi khaasa uu kula yeeshay xarunta golaha wakiilada, ayaa sidoo kalena xukuumada Madaxweyne Siilaanyo ku eedaysay masuuliyada sababihii doorashada golayaasha deegaanka ee dalka ka dhacday 28 November 2012 looga qaban waayay deegaanada bariga Sanaag ee ay ka soo jeedo oo ay tilmaantay in xukuumadu ay ku fashilantay inay sugto amaanka deegaanada bariga Sanaag.

Somaliland’s stable image under threat!: Kevin K.

- Somaliland's reputation as a stable and democratic entity has been shaken by violent disputes over the outcome of local elections held late last month. Press reports from Hargeisa, Somaliland’s capital, say three people were killed last week as demonstrators charged that the local voting was not conducted fairly.
Somaliland’s representative in the US, Rashid Nur, said in an interview that the protests were organised by the leader of a political party that appeared to have fallen short of the local vote total needed to qualify for national recognition.
In accordance with Somaliland law, the three parties receiving the most votes in the local elections will be registered on a national level, Mr Nur explained. Four other parties that ran candidates in the November 28 elections will not gain national standing, he said.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sheeko: Marka Aan Dhergo Dabadeed!

'Aar-oow haba ka yaabin inaan mar dambe si fudud labadeena helis inoo geliyo.” Dayo
- Dacawo aad u gaajoonaysa oo waxay cunto Caynta/kaynta ka raadinaysa, ayaa waxay ku soo baxday awr gool ah oo naaxay oo baadi ah. Hilib baylaha ayaa halkaa uga muuqday. Waxa kaloo se u muuqday in aany hayn awood ay ku hantido. Markaasay feker bilowday. Waxa ku soo dhacay inay libaax ay meel ku ogayd dib ugu noqoto oo u soo sheegto awrkan baadida ah si uu u dilo oo ka dibna hilibkiisa ay u wadaagaan. Libaaxii ayay u tagtay oo awrkii uga warantay; ka dibna way isa soo raaceen.

Waxay soo dhabacdaanba libaaxi awrkii ayuu weeraray oo uu dilay. Midba hareertiisa ayuu ka galay awrkii goolka ahaa oo hilibkiisii ka hirqaday. Markay dhergeen ayaa midba dhinac isu tuuray. Dacawadii ayaa tidhi, “Aarow, marka aan dhergo waan heesaa.” Libaaaxii ayaa ku yidhi, “Dayooy, maanta ha heesine inaga daa. Maxaa yeelay, dad baynu baadidoodii cunay oo weli dul jiifnaa. Iyana baadidoodii way raadinayaan. Waxan ka baqanayaa haddii aad heesto in baadidoonku inoo soo raaco heestaada.”

Rule of law in Somaliland

- Somaliland completed two decades of state-building since the proclamation of the Somaliland republic in Burao on 18 may 1991. It has also to its credit eleven years of judicial development since the adoption the national constitution 31/may/2001.
Since the independence republic of Somaliland in 18/May/1991, we have strived essential steps that developing the national domestic laws and it’s important in all aspects of our life through the constitutional guarantees and Somaliland preceded eight years of democratization adopted in 31 May/2001.
Since the independence of the republic of Somaliland in 1991, there is a lot of universities whether public or private universities in different regions in Somaliland. However, the legal professions in Somaliland are sharply increasing every academic year from different universities in Somaliland. Nowadays, there is full legal professional engagement in the judiciary and justice institutions.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Taxi companies in Hargeisa create jobs, ease travel

- In the past six months, a number of new taxi companies have begun operating in Hargeisa, creating well paying jobs and providing a much demanded service. Former officer of urban planning in Hargeisa's municipality, Mohamed Ismail, said that between June and November, four taxi companies opened in Hargeisa: Raho City Taxi, Hargeisa Taxi, Dalhis Taxi and Marodi Jeh Taxi.
"[These companies] were founded by local businessmen and individuals from Somaliland who have moved back from abroad," said Ismail, who now works for the city's social affairs department. The fact that people are organising themselves into companies that serve the public is a sign of progress, Ismail told Sabahi, adding that the government welcomes these developments.
"In particular, we are calling on the diaspora community to return to their country so we can benefit from their new ideas and knowledge," he said.

Somaliland local elections: International Election Observers applaud commitment to democracy but

Press release
December 21st 2012 - Somaliland local elections: International Election Observers applaud commitment to democracy, but say action is required to ensure future election integrity!
With results finally confirmed in Somaliland’s local elections, held on November 28th 2012, the international election observation mission assembled by Progressio, DPU and Somaliland Focus (UK) congratulates the people ofSomaliland and the National Electoral Commission (NEC) on a lively and enthusiastic election campaign and voting process. However, in advance of writing our final report, to be released in mid-2013, we must also report a number of substantial concerns.
The election’s aftermath has been marked by a build-up of tension over the course of a slow counting process. Once results began to be released, the NEC came under extreme pressure over disputes to results from several sides, and was subjected to a shooting attack on its headquarters in the town ofErigavo. Regrettably, post-election protests saw a number of deaths in protests in Hargeisa,Somaliland’s capital.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

M/wayne Siilaanyo iyo 40-guurada Far-somaalida

24 Hours In Burco Hospital, Part 1-3: The Emergency Room.....*Youtube!

- The town of Burco (also written as 'Burao'), in Somaliland, has the largest public hospital in the area and serves at least 350,000 people. Last year, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) medical teams joined Ministry of Health staff at this eight-ward hospital to start providing high-quality, free medical services. Now, Somali staff work alongside MSF staff from as far away as China and Denmark so that patients with medical emergencies receive quality health care.
The hospital's emergency room is the point of entry for many patients. More than 4,500 people were seen there during the first nine months of 2012. This first video in a series of three looks at the emergency room.

Africa is fast losing prime seat at world’s table. ''Somaliland..

'The functioning, but unrecognised, government of Somaliland, which wants to secede from the near lawless Somalia, will be encouraged. A new pragmatism could be the way ahead''. Ex President Thabo Mbeki
- IN THE study of his home in Johannesburg, surrounded by books and ignoring the cricket on the giant screen facing his desk, Thabo Mbeki makes a point about Africa. He argues that in the past decade, the continent went from being firmly placed on the global agenda to being inexplicably removed from it.
The former president is famous for not being one of life’s gesticulators, but during a recent interview he looked as though he took this issue — of what he perceives as Africa’s relegation— quite personally. When he was president in the early 2000s, Mr Mbeki was a driving force — arguably the driving force — in getting Africa a seat at the high table of world affairs for the first time, and actually being listened to.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Business Survey Shows Surge in Investment in Somaliland

USAID: Press release
- The 2012 Business Confidence Survey, released this week, shows that investment in medium‐sized enterprises more than doubled between 2011 and 2012.
The Somaliland Ministry of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture conducted the survey with USAID support.
“This year’s survey shows that businesses and investors are becoming more confident in the economy,” said Somaliland Minister of Commerce Honorable Abdirizak Ahmed Khalif. “We expect that their confidence will continue to grow and that investment will continue to increase.”
The survey found that investment in medium sized‐enterprises of $100,000 ‐$500,000 had more than doubled in Hargeisa between 2011 and 2012 (from 7.5 percent of respondents to 17 percent).

Munaasabadda sanadguurada 40aad: Ma munaafaqadiihii Ina Geelaa mise….?

''Hadaba waxa la isweydiin karaa maxaa kalifay ee Ina Geele uu arrimaha ex-Somali Republic gacmaha ugala bixi laayahay? Ma ka Somali-jaceylbaa sida uu sheegto oo waa ka dhab? Mise waa ku faan iyo ..''. Cali Aw Xuseen
- Waa arrin aad u wanaagsan in la xuso 40 guurada kasoo wareegtay kolkii ugu horeysay ee la shaaciyo qorista farta Af-Somaliga. Inkasta oo libinta dadka qaarkii siiyaan taliskii Af-Weyne hadana  waxa ay xaqiiqdu tahay in arrintu sidaas aanay aheyn,  oo ilaa muddo hore lagu hawlanaa qorista farta Somaliga.  Waxa xataa dad badani ay rumeysanyihiin,  sida ay aqoonyahano badani  sheegeen, in aanay waqtigaasu aheynba  goortii ku habooneyd ee lagu dhawaaqi lahaa. Waayo qabyo badan ayaa jirtay oo dadkii ku hawlanaa ay ku jireen saxitaankeeda iyo hagaajinteeda. Ku deg degaa lagu deg degay waata dhaxalsiisay in fartaasu ilaa maanta ay baaxaa-degeyso oo  saldhigi waydo. Af-weyne ujeedadiisu waxa ay aheyd in uu ku magac doonto iyo in uu iska  dabro dadkii ka cilmiga iyo aqoonta badnaa oo uu ugu hanjabo  in hadii ay la shaqeyn waayaan uu  hayo dad iyaga badali kara.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

USAID: Somaliland Waa la Maal-gashan Karaa *Dhegta-maal

- Hay'adda Maraykanka u qaabilsan horumarinta Caalamiga ah ee loo yaqaan USAID oo kaashanaysa Wasaarada Ganacsiga ee jamhuuriyadda Somaliland iyo Rugta Ganacsiga ayaa Maanta Somaliland ku soo bandhigtay Daraasad dhiirigelinaysa Maalgashiga Debedda iyo Fursadaha ka banaan Somaliland gaar ahaan dhinaca maalgashiga.

Daahfurkan ayaa qeyb ka ah mashruuc ay Hay'addani ugu talo gashay kobcinta dhaqaalaha oo ku kacaya illaa 13 Million oo Dollar. Dhanka kale, Cilmi baadhistaa sannadkan la sameeyay waxa ay daaha ka rogtay in ganacsatada iyo maalgashadayaashuba ay aad ugu kalsoonyihiin dhaqaalaha waddanka”, sidaa waxa yidhi Wasiirka wasaarada Gancsiga, Mudane Abdirizak Ahmed Khalif. Waxa aanu rajaynaynaa in kalsoonidaasi halkaa ka sii socon doonto, siina kordhi doonto oo ay maal galintuna intaa kasoo korodho.ayuu ku daray. Cilmi baadhistan waxa lagu ogaaday in maalgashiga ganacsiga heerka dhexe oo ah inta u dhaxaysa $100,000-$500,000 uu labanlaabmay magaalada Hargeisa intii u dhaxaysay 2011-2012, waxaanu kordhay inta u dhaxaysa 7.5%-17%.

Somaliland court approves disputed election results

- The Somaliland regional court in Marodi Jeh has approved the results of the municipal council elections in Hargeisa, Sallahley and Gabiley and Baligubadle, Judge Abdirashid Mohamed Duran announced Sunday (December 16th).
The National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced the results for Hargeisa on December 6th, sparking complaints and clashes between security forces and Haqsoor party supporters in which three people were killed. The NEC decided to recount the votes after several political parties complained that the elections had been unfair.
On December 8th, the commission found that the tally from 27 ballot boxes in Faroweyne district in Hargeisa had been entered into the computer tallying system twice, said Hargeisa NEC chairman Said Jama.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Edna Adan Hospital: Year End Newsletter 2012

''Most pressing is our need for professionals to help support our new and young University in the areas of Public Health, Nursing/Midwifery and English as a foreign language''. Edna University
- 2012 has been another busy year which also saw the graduation of our first 21 midwives who obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Midwifery. As always, training of health workers remains our priority because without competent health workers, patients cannot be looked after as they should.
For this reason, we have launched the Edna Adan University where 200 students have registered with us to study Public Health, Nursing, Midwifery, and Laboratory Technology. This has been made possible with the donations you have made to us through the Friends of the Edna Adan Hospital USA so that we may cover part of the costs of the teachers and related needs.

HSBC Bankers Get No Jail Time for Terrorist Financing While Somali Sentenced for Charity

- This past week, the Justice Department announced that HSBC Bank had agreed to forfeit $1.256 billion and “enter a deferred prosecution agreement” for engaging in money laundering that involved the financing of drug cartels and groups with ties to terrorism. The agreement indicated there would be no criminal prosecution. Not one bank executive or lower-level banker would be put on trial and possibly sentenced to jail for his or her role in allowing money to be transferred to drug cartels or terrorists. Meanwhile, that same day, Nima Ali Yusuf, 26, a Somali woman who fled war-torn Somalia when she was a child, was sentenced to eight years in prison for sending $1,450 to “members of a terrorist organization in her native country.” The scale of the crime committed by Yusuf, who pled guilty to charges just over a year ago in December 2011, is incredibly minor and insignificant when compared to the acts engaged in by bank executives at HSBC.
Laid out in detail in a Senate report released in July of this year, HSBC was engaged in banking with the Al Rajhi Bank, which is run by members of the Al Rajhi family alleged to have been “major donors to al Qaeda or Islamic charities suspected of funding terrorism
Read more:

Madaxwaynayaasha Somaliland & Somali Oo La Filayo Inay Djibouti Ku Kulmaan

Toloow, Djibouti ma noqon doontaa halkii Somaliland iyo Somalia ay si milgo iyo xurmo leh ugu kala baxayeen, Djibouti-na doorkeeda  ma ka qaadan doontaa arintaa ? Wyl-News

- Madaxweyne Ismaaciil Cumar Geelle, ayaa markii ugu horreysay madaarka diyaaradaha ee magaalada Jabuuti ku qaabilay Madaxweynaha Somaliland Md. Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud (Siilaanyo) iyo wefti uu horkacayo oo gelinkii dambe ee shalay gaadhay dalkaas oo uu kaga qaybgalayo munaasibad xukuumadda Jamhuuriyadda Jabuuti u samaynayso xuska 40-guurada ka soo wareegtay markii la qoray Afsoomaaliga.

Madaxweynaha Somaliland iyo weftigiisa oo ay ka mid yihiin wasiirradiisa Arrimaha Dibadda, Madaxtooyada, Waxbarashada iyo marwada 1aad waxa la dejiyey hudheelka Kambiski oo ku yaal caasimadda Jabuuti, halkaas oo casho-sharaf loogu sameeyey xalay. Madaxweyne Siilaanyo oo shalay saxaafadda ugu warramay qolka nasashada Madaarka Egal ee Hargeysa, waxa uu sheegay inuu martiqaad rasmi ah ka helay Madaxweynaha Jabuuti, isla markaana ka qaybgeli doonaan xuska 40-guurada qoristii afka Soomaaliga.

Somaliland: In a state of disbelief

''Mr President, We expected ensured respect for the law, and equal treatment under the law, for the weak and the powerful, for the rich and the poor...''. Amina Sirad
- Shamefully Somaliland is on the cross-roads and politically so because it is in the hands of a few who are fanatically and heartlessly siphoning the meagre resources of the country with impunity. History is our witness and the so-called ruling party turned itself into a cartel of psych-paths, avaricious imbeciles and exceedingly incompetent beings that have shown no empathy or compassion for the well-being of their people.
They are solely in the business of enriching themselves by looting the national resources under the auspices of spreading fear and thereof the lack of stability coupled with a complete disregard of the rule of law and good governance. Surprisingly they have forgotten the unshakeable determination of the people obsessed of safeguarding the sovereignty of this nascent nation brought about by the sacrifices of thousands who paid with their blood. This present regime is constituted by the primary ingredients of a malignant cancer construed by that outdated politics of divide and rule mentality driven by clannish, corruptive and selfish insolences.

Support the Somaliland application for Commonwealth memmbership

-  There are 54 members of the Commonwealth, including the United Kingdom. It is a voluntary association of independent states, nearly all of which were once British territories, and includes almost one in every three people in the world. They are people of many races and traditions, and from very different economic backgrounds. But they have a shared heritage based on English as a common language, as well as similar administrative, educational, judicial and legal systems.
Somaliland: is a former British Colony. It is stable, democratic and has a growing economy. The history of the 2 countries lasted 80 years and many people from Somaliland fought alongside us in 2 world wars. Membership of the commonwealth family will greatly enhance the distinction between Somaliland and it's troubled neighbour to the south. Many people from Somaliland settled here over 100 years ago and from generation to generation they have contributed to British Society.
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HALF THE SKY: '' Dr Edna Adan - Somalilander'!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

NEC: Natiijada Hordhaca ah ee Doorashooyinka Golaha Degaanka Dalka JSL Oo Dhamays-tiran

- Kooxdii todobada (7) xubnood ka koobnayd ee ka shaqaynaysay qabanqaabada & maamulista doorashooyinkii dhawaa (Guddida Doorashooyinka Qaranka JSL) Waxa ay maalintii Salaasadii (11 December 2012) soo daabaceen natiijooyinka guud ee doorashayooinkii golaha degaanka oo hordhac  ah! Waatan hadaba, war-bixintii hordhaca ahayd ee ay Gudidda Doorashada Qaranku JSL, ku daabacday Boga-Internet-ka ay ku leeyihiin ee ka bogo!WYL-News
{Hargeysa(NEC 11 December 2012) Guddida Doorashooyinka Qaranka JSL waxa ay soo saareen natiijada hordhaca ah ee Doorashooyinkii Golaha Deegaanka ee ka qabsoontey dalkeena 28/11/ 2012. Sida aynu lawada soconaba Doorashooyinkii Golaha Deegaanku waxa ay doorkan ka dhaceen 19 degmo oo kamida ah degmooyinka ay doorashooyinku ka dhacaan ee dalka Jamhuuriyada Somaliland.Hadaba Guddida Doorashooyinka Qaranku waxa ay halkan ku soo bandhigayaan Natiijadii Doorashooyinka iyo sidii Murashaxiintu codadka uga kala heleen Goobaha Codbixinta iyo Degmooyinka ay iska soo sharaxeen}
Halkan Ka akhri Natiijada Goobaha Codbixinta iyo Degmooyinka

Xukuumadda oo ka Fiirsanaysa Tallaabada Laga Qaadi Karo Komishanka Doorashooyinka

- Xukuumadda Madaxweyne Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud (Siilaanyo), ayaa la sheegay inay ka fiirsanayso tallaabada ku habboon ee laga qaadi karo xubnaha Komishanka Doorashooyinka Qaranka oo lagu eedeeyey inay masuul ka yihiin fool-xumooyinka ku lammaanaa natiijada doorashadii golayaasha degaanka ee 28 November 2012 dalka ka qabsoomay. Ilo-wareedyo lagu kalsoon yahay ayaa Jamhuuriya u xaqiijiyey in xukuumaddu ka werwersan tahay awoodda farsamo iyo tayada xubnaha Guddiga Doorashooyinka oo lagu tilmaamay inay qaab xun u maamuleen doorashadii golayaasha degaanka, gaar ahaan natiijooyinka is-burinaya ee ay ka soo saareen codbixintii caasimadda degmada Hargeysa oo keentay rabshado dhimasho iyo dhaawac dhaliyey.

Sida ilahaasi tibaaxeen, xukkumadda uu hoggaamiyo Madaxweyne Siilaanyo waxay ka -biyo diidsan tahay, isla markaana shaki weyn ka qabtaa sida loo aamini karo xubnaha Komishanka oo muddo-xileedkoodu ku egyahay bisha October ee sannadka 2014 inaay dalka ka qabtaan doorashooyin kale, iyadoo la sheegay in xukuumaddu ka fiirsanayo tallaabooyinka laga qaadi karo Guddiga Doorashooyinka, kuwaas oo ay ugu horreyso sidii loo kala diri lahaa, loona dhisi lahaa Komishan cusub oo maamula doorashooyinka soo fool leh.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Berbera- S/land: Potential goldmine for fishermen as piracy declines

BERBERA, 14 December 2012 (IRIN) - Rusting hulks of capsized boats decorate the waters around Berbera, a port city in the self-declared republic of Somaliland. Further down Somalia’s coast, pirates raid freighters in the Gulf of Aden.

Efforts are underway to help Somalis make better use of their 3,300km coastline - the longest on the African continent - by increasing fishing and seafood exports to lucrative markets in the Middle East and Europe.  In 2013, the European Union will spend US$6.5 million to help Somaliland pursue its long-term goal of netting 120,000 tons of seafood each year, the sale of which could generate $1.2 billion in foreign currency.

“In Somalia, people have lived for a long time with their backs to the sea,” says Isabel Faria de Almedia, the EU development chief for Somalia. “It’s a country of agro-pastoralists with a strong nomadic tradition. We think there is a huge potential for the consumption and export of fish.”

Taariikhdu Isma Qorto ee Waa La Qortaa; Horta, ''Ina Cabdalla Xasan & Carab-dheere Kee Mudan?!

- Dadka qaar ayaa yidhaa; ''Taariikhdu iyadaa is-qorta''! Xaasha-e, yaan sidaa loo qaadan. Taariikhdu, marka u horaysa ma aha wax iyadu gaar ahaanteeda awood u leh ay isku habayso oo inta ay Qalin iyo Buug qaadato ay isku shareerto! Xaasha! Mana aha mid sida cadceeda/qoraxda oo kale karti u leh inay indhaha caalamka mar kali ah wada shiiqisa! Xaasha! Taariikhdu ma aha wax marka ay bilaabmayso goob joog loo wada noqon karo! Ma aha wax meel kasta xili isku mid ah iyo si isku mid ah uga aloosanta oo ogaanshaheeda loo sinaan karo. Taariikhdu way ka duwantahay sidaa oo waa wax meel gooni ah, goor gooni ah, xaalad gooni ah, cid gooni ah iyo ujeedo gooni ah ku dhacda oo ka amba-qaadanta.

Sidaas darteed; Mar hadii ay hadaba sidaa tahay, waxa aan shaki ku jirin oo dhab ah in taariikh kasta oo dhacdaaba ay cid gaar ah oo ah kuwa ay khusayso ay gacmahooda ku jirto oo ay magan-na u tahay, oo taariikhdaasi xaqiiqadeeda, karaamada, qaabka, dhadhanka, culayska iyo cimriga ay yeelanaysaa ay ku xidhan tahay u-hagar baxa, daacadnimada, xeel-sha ay adeegsadaan ee ay dadkaasi ku soo tabiyaan! Bal hadaba, taariikhaha waawayn ee ay Aduunyada kale qaarkeed sheegato ee aynu meelahaa jiritaankooda ka bawsanay ha inaga maqnaadeene meesheenii yarayd ee Geeska Afrika iyo degaamada dadka Af-soomaaliga ku hadlaa degaan, hadii aan u soo noqono, waxa la is waydiin karaa ma jiraa Taariikh Sugan oo la isla ogol yahay oo dhacday oo dabadeedna si hufan oo aan laaxin lahayn loo soo tabiyay? Jawaabu waxa ay tahay, waa yar yihiin oo hadii ay jirtoba waa hal iyo laba.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why Has the Number of Muslims in the UK Risen So Much?

''There are estimations that hundreds of Britons convert to Islam every month which certainly contributes to the steadily increasing number of Muslims''. Dr Leon Moosavi
- Figures from the 2011 census show that the Muslim population in the UK has substantially risen between 2001 and 2011 from 1.5 million to almost 3 million. This now takes the proportion of Muslims from 2% of the population to 5%. In some towns, Muslims make up almost 50% of the population, and in large cities like London and Manchester they make up around 14% of the population. But why has the number of Muslims risen so much and what are the implications?
There are several reasons why the number of Muslims has doubled. Some of these are more obvious than others. For example, it is widely known that Muslims have a higher birth rate than people of other faiths meaning younger generations are made up of higher proportions of Muslims. It is also apparent that many Muslim societies are dominated by conflict which has led to a significant number of Muslims seeking more secure prospects in the UK from Muslim nations like Somalia and Afghanistan.

W/ Waxbarashadda Oo Abaal-Gud Min $10,000 Ku Maamuustey 6 Macalin Oo Hawl-Gab Ah Iyo...

JSL; -Wasaarada waxabarashada iyo tacliinta sare Somaliland, oo kaashanaysa EU-da iyo UNICEF ayaa shalay min Toban kun oo Dolar iyo shahaado sharaf ku maamuustay lix macalin oo ka mida macalimiinta ruug cadaaga ah ee xiligan hawl gab noqdoy.
Xaflada lagu sii sagootinayay macalimiintaas ayaa shalay ka qabsoontay hoolka shirarka xarunta waxbarashada gobolka Maroodi-jeex, waxaan ka soo qeyb galay, Wasiirka wasaarada waxbarashada iyo tacliinta sare Marwo Samsam Cabdi Aadan, Wasiirka wasaarada Shaqada iyo arrimaha bulshadda Maxamuud Barre Garaad, Gudoomiyaha Hay’adda Shaqaalaha dawladda Nuux Sh. Muuse, masuuliyiin ka socdey Hay’adaha EU iyo UNICEF, Guddoomiyaha Jaamacada Camuud iyo Macalimiinta lacagta iyo shahaadada la gudoon siiyay.
Wasiirka Waxbarashada iyo tacliinta sare Marwo Samsam Cabdi Aadan, oo munaasibadaasi hadal ka jeedisay ayaa sheegtay in lix macalin oo hawl-gab noqdey ay gudoonsiinayaan lacag (10,000$) iyo shahaado sharaf, waxaanay tilmaantay in macalimiintan ay in badan wadanka ka soo shaqeeyeen isla markaana mudan yihiin in la karaameeyo.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Giving Somaliland Youth a Voice

*In the words of one of the participants;“Somaliland has achieved the equivalent of a hundred years of democratic development in only a decade.”
12 December 2012 - Interpeace and the Academy for Peace and Development (APD – Interpeace’s local partner in Somaliland) are supporting the Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO) in the establishment of a National Youth Voters League (NYVL). It aims to enhance the role of Somaliland youth in the state- and peacebuilding processes.
Despite making up approximately 70% of the Somaliland population, youth under the age of 35 years are vastly underrepresented in local councils and national political institutions. SONYO has already set up Regional Youth Voters Leagues (RYVL) with the support of the United Nations Democracy Fund. RYVLs promote civic and political dialogues at the grassroots level with local authorities on policies affecting youth. The National YVL works as a platform to enhance coordination between these Regional leagues, to strengthen their capacity for advocacy and provide training for their members.

Breakaway state (Somaliland) to get fast access via microwave and LTE, says Somcable CEO Michael

- More than 20 years after Somaliland set up a democratic breakaway from troubled  Somalia, Somcable is connecting it to Africa’s new submarine cables using microwave downlink and LTE uplink. CEO Michael Cothill talks to Alan Burkitt-Gray.
Michael Cothill is building a telecoms network in a country that you won’t find on many maps. Somaliland sounds familiar, but it is formed of part of the northern territory of Somalia, from which it declared independence in 1991. Cothill is CEO of Somcable, backed by a local business group, which is using a mixture of microwave transmission and LTE to deliver broadband to companies and residential subscribers across the emergent nation.
“We were awarded the exclusive licence for a fibre optic cable system for Somaliland, the democratically run portion of the region,” says Cothill — who is working on plans for the owner of the company to expand into neighbouring parts of the Horn of Africa.

Let’s Work Together and Hold Hands Firmly as One Nation

''.... it is very essential to take cautious action to put every thing in the right safe and secure place that is going to be the genuine interest of the nation not individual demands!!!'.  John
- Simply where you may take off politically is here to follow suit the genius and energetic elderly, well experienced politicians of Somaliland like the last man standing of this Nation of President Ahmed Siilaanyo. Don’t get me wrong, he is the only force to eliminate the aggression and also minor political tactics of Southern Somali Italian protectorate that plays games often and also wave hands for the weak individuals of Somaliland citizens here in order to appoint temporary political posts.
They endeavour to weaken our national security by creating enmity to risk and intervene to our national existence which is very highly concerned, while our domestic issues agreeable and resolved in spite of our untouchable sovereignty and integrity as independent free nation.

Simon Hattenstone: What drives Mo Farah?

''Once, he spent time playing computer games and eating curry. So how did Mo Farah become a man driven enough to win double gold at the Olympics?''.Simon
- Mo Farah is strolling around the lush grounds of a Middlesex hotel. His huge eyes are darting everywhere. He spots potential locations for the pictures, tells us he used to be a photographer himself, admits it might be a bit of an exaggeration but he was given a camera to document the 2008 Beijing Olympics, wants to know about the people I've interviewed, asks if it's true Stevie Wonder could have got his sight back but didn't want to. Then he stops. He's jumping up and down outside a glass-fronted cafe, banging on the window, grinning, making a strange gesture with his hands.
Farah is actually Moboting to catch somebody's attention. It's as if he's convinced nobody will recognise him unless he pulls his signature pose, hands on head to form an M. Andrew Triggs Hodge, Olympic gold medallist in the coxless fours, runs out of the cafe to meet Farah, who Mobots again just to make doubly sure Hodge knows it's him.
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The Horn of Africa: rebuilding or in meltdown?

- There could hardly be a more poignant or devastating reminder of divisive instability that has spread throughout the Horn of Africa. On Monday, I moderated a discussion panel on how arts and literature can help rebuild society in the Horn of Africa. But I shouldn’t have been there at all. Yusuf Hassan, the intended moderator and a Kenyan MP of Somali descent, was absent because of a stark symbol, not of society rebuilding itself, but of society in meltdown: a bomb attack.
The parliamentarian was injured by shrapnel from an explosion in his Kamukunji constituency in Eastleigh, a largely Somali community in Nairobi, on Friday evening. A boy who had come up to greet him was killed instantly, among five who died. It was the second blast in three days. Kenya’s only Nairobi MP of Somali descent, who has regularly spoken out against the al-Shabaab jihadis who control some of central Somalia, Hassan says he doesn’t know if he was the intended target of the attack.
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Waa la isku haystaa Aw Jamac iyo Idaajaa Taariikda ay harbiyaan.

- Sideedaba taariikda waa dhacdo hore inoosoo martay oo aan dub loo cusbooneysiin karrin ama loo badali karrin. Waxase jira dad iyagu, iyagoo ujeedooyin gara ah wata, damca in ay taariikda u dhigaan si gaar oo ay qaloociyaan. Laakiin inta badan waa la-iskaga daba  yimaadaa oo tubtii ay lahayd ee saxda aheydbaa lagu weeciyaa. Sidaasu kolka ay dhacday ceeb iyo wadhibaa ka raacda kuwii isku dayey majarohabaabinta sooyaalka taariikheed.
Taariikhaha sida weyn  beenta looga sheegay waxa ka mid ah ta Maxamed Cabddalle Xasan iyo wixii la odhan jiray Daraawiishta. Taariikhdaas waxa buug ka qorey nin la yidhaa Aw Jamac oo ay badhitaarayaan niman aan kolka horeba ehel u noqno karrin talalaxinta taariikhda dadyowga ku hadla Af-Somaliga. Dadka caynkaas ah waxa ka mid ah ninka la yidhaa Axmed Idaajaa oo ah hadhaagii ubaxii kacaankii Af-weyne ee lagu ababiyey koolkoolinta iyo sara u qaadida magaca beel gaar ah. Axmed Idaajaa ,oo isku dara abwaaniinta dadka Af-Somaliga ku hadla, aqoon yaridiisa waxa u dheer  waa nin qarsan kari waayey neceybka uu u qabo beel gaar ah. Waa nin la kowsaday kacaankii oo gar iyo gardaraba beeshiisa cimaamada halyeynimada madax ugu duuba.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tirada ''Toddoba'' iyo Tabaabushihii Kulmiye!

- Dadka reer Soomaaliland warwar iyo wareer ayaa ku dhacey maalintii dhidibada loo taagay ururka Kulmiye. Waxaa geeriyooday  madaxweynihii   si badheedha u sheegay una hirgaliyey  in bulshadu xaq u leedahay inay samaysato ururo. Ururadaa oo tartan dhex mara ka dib ay saddex xisbi qaran ka soo bixi doonaan sida dastuurka qaranka jamhuuriyada Soomaliland dhigayo. Madaxweyne Maxamed X.Ibraahin Cigaal (IHUN wuxuu geeriyooday bishii May 3, 2002kii.
Waxaa markaa gabogabo ku dhaweyd  waqtigii loogu talo galay in la furan karo ururada.Hase yeeshee geeridaa ka dib ayaa  golaha guurtidu kordhiyey mudadii waxaana  golaha loolanka ku soo biiray oo la unkay labada urur ee ASAD oo uu hogaanka u hayey Salaabaan Maxamuud (Saleebaan Gaal) iyo Kulmiye oo uu hogaanka u qabtey Axmed Maxamed  Maxamuud Siillaanyo. Sababta loo kordhiyey ilaa iminka bulshada reer Soomaaliland looma sheegin,waxaa kaloo ka  qarsoon bulshada reer Soomaaliland sababta labadaa urur loo furan waayey markuu Cigaal(IHUN) noolaa ama loo furi waayey mudadii loogu qoondeeyey in urur la furan karo.

Caanaha Hooyada Iyo Wax-tarka Ilmahu Ka Helo

- Caanaha hooyada ayaa ah nafaqo dhameystiran oo buuxin kara rabitaanka iyo koriinka ilmaha, intaas waxa dheer in ay caanaha hooyadu ka kooban yihiin walxo badan oo kordhiya difaaca ilmaha kuwaas oo inta badan dib u dhiga ama ka hortaga cudarada ay ka mid ka yihiin;
1) cudurka dabeysha.
2) Hargab.
3) Dhega xanuun.
4) Cudurada ku dhaca habdhiska Neefsashada.
5) cudurada caloosha, Xiidmaha iyo marinka cuntada.
Waxaa waayadan danbe soo soo kordhayay in hooyooyinku aanay siinin ilmahooda hadii ay jaqsiiyaana aysan jaqsiin mudadii iyo waqtigii ku haboonaa oo ay durbaba Mujuruc iyo masaasad ku quudin ku bilaabaan. Run ahaantii waxtarka caanaha hooyadu maaha mid ku kooban intaas aan sheegnay balse waxay kale oo leeyihiin caanaha hooyadu faa’iidoyinka soo socda.