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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Progress against the odds for governance in Somaliland

Somaliland has defied the odds by delivering unexpected progress in governance according to a newly published global research project. The UK based Overseas Development Institute reports that despite lacking formal recognition as a state, Somaliland has developed a type of rule-based governance to which the rest of Somalia can only aspire.

The territory has managed to establish basic public security, gradually improve its business environment, and is increasingly capable of providing for its citizens. A pragmatic blending of ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ institutions, in which the de-facto government’s legitimacy rests, has been instrumental in driving this progress.

The story is taken from Mapping progress: evidence for a new development outlook, a new report that pulls together the findings from stories of progress across 24 countries. It identifies the crucial role of effective leadership, smart policies, proper institutional foundations and international partnerships in driving development.

So-called Surprise Performers such as Somaliland have delivered progress against the odds, often recovering from crisis and war or dealing with ongoing conflict, challenging political situations and highly inaccessible topography. The surprise elements of progress in these countries often lie in the speed of recovery, sometimes allowing them to eclipse previous levels of development.

ODI Director Alison Evans said:

“The performance of Somaliland is a reason to be optimistic about its future. It’s time the world woke up to the change that is happening across the developing world and we believe this report provides the evidence needed to begin altering perceptions.

“We have identified four key drivers of progress but there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the conundrum of progress. What we can now say with clarity is that progress in development is not only possible, it is happening.

“Looking at the strongest examples across Africa we can see that the most transformative and sustainable developments have occurred when the commitment to change has come from within countries and communities.”

Source: Somalilandpress

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