.....(Hal-ku-dhigyo Dhaxal-gal Noqday) = ..... President, C/raxmaan A. Cali: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland dib ayay ula soo Noqotay Qaran-nimadeedii sidaa awgeed, waa dal xor ah oo gooni u taagan maanta (18/05/1991) laga bilaabo''...>>>>> President, Maxamad I.Cigaal:''Jiritaanka Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland'' Waa mid waafaqsan xeerasha u-degsan Caalamka! Sidaa darteed, waa Qaran xaq u leh in Aduunku aqoonsado''...>>>>> President, Daahir R. Kaahin: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland waa dal diimuqraadi ah oo caalamka ka sugaya Ictiraafkiisa''...>>>>> President, Axmed M. Siilaanyo: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, Boqol sano haday ku qaadanayso helista Ictiraafkeedu way Sugaysaa! Mar dambena la midoobi mayso Somalia-Italia''.....[***** Ha Jirto J.Somaliland Oo Ha Joogto Waligeed *****].....

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The UAE evolves into a ‘smart’ power

N Janardhan :A political analyst based in the United Arab Emirates. 

- The UAE is fast becoming an exceptional case study in international relations and diplomacy, showcasing how a ‘small’ country can punch above its weight by shaping a dynamic foreign policy vision. It has sought to achieve this by ingeniously combining its core strength as a soft power with traces of hard power, thus evolving its own variation of a ‘smart’ power strategy.

What are the factors that enticed this change and what are the attributes of the new policy?

Saturday, April 20, 2019

DP World to finalize feasibility studies on regional logistic hub

- The United Arab Emirate (UAE) based multinational port and terminal operator, DP World, said that it has been closely following the privatization moves the Government of Ethiopia is considering; and currently, the state owned operator is finalizing a feasibility studies to launch a logistical operations across East Africa where Ethiopia is one of the targeted countries.

Suhail Al Banna, CEO and Managing Director of DP World for Middle East and Africa, said that the feasibility study to establish a regional logistics hub, centered on the Port of Berbera, will be finalized in the coming three months.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Assessing the 2017 Somaliland Presidential Election

- In May 2001, Somaliland’s citizens went to the polls to approve an interim constitution in a public referendum coordinated by the Government of Somaliland. The constitution called for multi-party politics and democratic elections. Since then, Somaliland has held a series of contested elections at different levels: local, parliamentary and presidential. Elections have become a familiar occurrence in Somaliland. They are seen as a pillar of democracy, enabling voters to choose representatives who will exercise a public mandate on their behalf.

When analyzing the participation of citizens in contemporary Somaliland politics, there are two contradictory dimensions: First, the arena in which citizens involve themselve....
Read more

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

BBC: "Maxay tahay Sababta diblumaasiyiin caalami ahi ugu qulqulayaan Hargeysa?

- Akhriste, shaki kuma jiro in dheg-samaantii ay Idaacada BBC-Somali, ku dhex-lahaan jirtay dadka Soomaalida ahi uu hoos u dhacay! Sababo dhawr ah dartood sida; Qabyaalad aad u saamaysa qaabka ay Idaacadu u shaqayso, Af-Soomaaliga wax lagu baahiyo oo aad u-tayo-xun, necbaansho badan oo si gaar ah ugu wajahan Qadiyadda J.Somaliland iwm. Hadaba, dhawaan, BBC-Somali, waxa loo raray magaaladda Nayroobi (Kenya), sababtaas darteed-na, wariyayaashii hore badankoodu way ka tageen shaqadii! Halkoodii dhalin-yaro cusub  ayaa buuxisay oo makarafoonka qabtay ee, Tolloow, ma waxbaa is-bedlay, oo Cadaaladdii ayaa soo noqotay? Akhriste, bal na la arag oo isha mari Faalo aan loogabaran BBC-Somali, oo ay dhawaan ku qortay bogeeda wararka oo ku saabsan J.Somaliland!  Guji halkan hoose;

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Ethiopia awaits EU signal to engender Somaliland, Somalia dialogue

- Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – Ethiopian Prime minister Abiy Ahmed is awaiting a European Union input to boost reconciliation initiative between Somalia and Somaliland, ADV learns here Sunday. 

Last week, delegates from several EU countries visited Hargeisa and held a discussion with Somaliland leader on the prospects of a dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland and the way forward.

The delegates’ meeting stems from the efforts by the Ethiopian Premier Aby Ahmed to reconcile Somalia and the self-proclaimed republic of Somaliland in a bid to bolster peace in the Horn of Africa.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hargeisa, Somaliland –Invisible City: DISCUSSION PAPER 4/2019

- The city of Hargeisa, capital of the Republic of Somaliland, was almost completely destroyed by the Siad Barre regime in the late 1980s, as Somalia slipped into the state collapse that resulted in famine, clan violence, civil war, and the rise of the Al Shabaab terrorist group. But while the international community pursued a series of top-down, externally-supported efforts to stabilise Somalia with little success, in Somaliland a bottom-up, self-generated peace process restored security, and a democratic, legitimate and effective self-governing region, centred on Hargeisa, emerged as the Republic of Somaliland. This Discussion Paper investigates the successes and challenges of Hargeisa in the areas of social and economic development, critical infrastructure and services....
Read more:

Monday, April 1, 2019

Somaliland is Pushing for Stronger Diplomatic and Trade ties with Egypt.

- A delegation of Somaliland government officials led by Deputy Foreign Affairs and international cooperation  minister Liban Yusuf Osman was in Egypt on an official trip to deliberate ways of boosting ties between the two nations. “My visit to Egypt is aimed at fostering the historic relationship between Somaliland and Egypt,” said Osman.

“We discussed the role of Egypt in the Horn of Africa and the bilateral cooperation between the two nations in the areas of education, health, economy development and security,” Liban said after a meeting with Egypt deputy foreign minister for African affairs, Ambassador Hamdi Sanad Loza and Secretary General for Egyptian agency of partnership for development, and Generals from the defence ministry.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

War Deg-Deg Ah: M/weynaha Somaliland Oo isku-Shaandhayn Kooban Sameeyey!

HARGEISA; Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, Mudane Muuse Biixi Cabdi waxa uu wareegto madaxweyne oo summadeedu tahay JSL/XM/XKQ/222/1-286/032019, uu Xilka qaadis, Magacaabid iyo Isku-beddel ku sameeyey xubno ka mida xukuumaddiisa. Wareegtadaas madaxweynuhu waxa ay u dhignaysa idan:-

         " Wareegto Madaxweyne :
  • Ujeeddo: Xil Ka-qaadista Wasiiro kala ah;
Ku: Cabdiraxmaan C/llaahi Faarax Diiriye (Guri Barwaaqo)
            Wasiirkii Hore ee Warfaafinta, Wacyigelinta iyo Dhaqanka

He Was Imprisoned And Losing His Mind. 'Anna Karenina' Saved Him

- Mohamed Barud was a 31-year-old newlywed when he was sentenced to life in prison in Somalia. This was 1981. Somalia was ruled by a military dictator, Siad Barre. And Mohamed's crime, if you can call it that, was writing a letter complaining about conditions at the local hospital, a complaint the government saw as treasonous. Mohamed was put in solitary confinement.

"It was strictly forbidden to talk to your neighbors. So you walk forward and backward." Just three short steps.

In the silence, Mohamed is thinking about his young wife, Ismahan. She was 20 years old, a teller at the state bank.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Somalia unhappy with Somaliland business engagements

- Somaliland’s recent signing of mega development deals with United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ethiopia has left Somalia infuriated. Somaliland President Muse Bihi last month made visits to the United Arab Emirates and Ethiopia where he signed agreements to have the oil-rich Middle East state restore the Berbera Airport.

The UAE, already expanding the port of Berbera key to maritime business in the Suez Canal linking the horn of Africa and the Middle East and also serve landlocked Ethiopia, will also set up an electricity plant in the city to power up to 25 megawatts.

Monday, March 25, 2019

US missteps in Somalia benefit our enemies

Africa, Foreign and Defense Policy

On December 13, 2018, national-security adviser John Bolton, in a speech at the Heritage Foundation, unveiled the Trump administration’s Africa strategy, key components of which were, first, advancing trade ties to enable allies to thrive, and second, countering “radical Islamic terrorism.”

It is ironic, then, that in the Horn of Africa, the Trump administration now doubles down to do the opposite. As China moves into Djibouti and Ethiopia and as the US-funded government in Mogadishu increasingly offers its strategic assets to China, the State Department has decided to break past precedent and turn its back on Somaliland, the only stable, secure, and truly democratic region in the Horn of Africa, even as Russia seeks to move in on the territory.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Teaching Positions in Hargeisa, Somaliland, in the Horn of Africa

Abaarso School of Science and Technology <teach@abaarsoschool.org>

Date: Friday, 22 March 2019, at 1:17 p.m.

- Abaarso School, featured on 60 Minutes, in the New York Times and BBC World, is a non-profit boarding high school educating the best and the brightest Somali students in the Horn of Africa. The school prepares students to excel in higher education, while also focusing on extracurricular activities and community service. The school encourages morality and a strong sense of responsibility for improving the students' community. While only founded in 2009, Abaarso School has achieved success not seen in the area for several decades. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

To Protect Africa’s Oceans, Stand Up to China. Prof. Yasin Haji Moh'oud (Faratoon)

An oasis of stability in a volatile region, Somaliland has long safeguarded our maritime zones from piracy, terrorism and crime, including illegal fishing. Thanks to the responsible stewardship of our coastal ecosystem, Somaliland’s territorial waters are home to hundreds of fish species. For this reason, conservationists and diplomats alike should be alarmed by neighboring Somalia’s recent decision to grant licenses to Chinese companies to fish in Somaliland territorial waters. Unless the international community intervenes, 850 kilometers of Somaliland’s coastline and 70,000 square kilometers of its exclusive economic zone will soon become vulnerable to exploitation by foreign commercial entities, putting at risk yet another fragile coastal ecosystem in Africa.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The world can learn from how Somaliland overcame militias. Dr. Michael Rubin

Over at The American Conservative, Michael Horton highlights Somaliland as “a success story without billions and bombs.” He writes:
“The autonomous but unrecognized Republic of Somaliland has also eradicated piracy from its shores and thwarted the jihadist group al-Shabaab’s expansion within its borders. Somalia hasn’t managed any of this, despite the billions of dollars expended by the international community over nearly two decades. Rather than spending money it has never had on advanced weaponry, drones, and a large unwieldy army, Somaliland has instead focused on the two things that always form the backbone of successful counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency: good governance and reliable human intelligence.”

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Somaliland: A Success Story Without the Billions and Bombs

- Somaliland is a success story in a part of the world where those are rare. For 27 years, the self-declared state—with little outside assistance—has defied the odds. In contrast with Somalia, from which it declared its independence in 1991, Somaliland has enjoyed years of relative stability and democratic governance. 

The autonomous but unrecognized Republic of Somaliland has also eradicated piracy from its shores and thwarted the jihadist group al-Shabaab’s expansion within its borders. Somalia hasn’t managed any of this, despite the billions of dollars expended by the international community over nearly two decades.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

For Somaliland and Djibouti, will new friends bring benefits?

BERBERA, Somalia—On any given day in Berbera, the deep-water port on Somaliland’s Red Sea coast, ramshackle ships dock next to small boats known as dhows. Most of them are waiting to set off for the Persian Gulf, laden with spices, scrap metal, and often more lively cargo—goats raised for the global market on the country’s scorched landscape.

It may be hard to tell by looking at it, but some 30 percent of the world’s crude oil transported on ships passes just a few miles offshore, a detail that has made Berbera’s port a prized location for outside powers looking for a new connection to the world’s most vital sea transport route. As a result, Somaliland, like its neighbor Djibouti, which is emerging as a hub for foreign military installations, has found itself at the center of big power rivalries that could reshape the Horn of Africa.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Wafdi Ka Socda Dalka Eritrea Oo Hargeysa Yimid: "Voa-Somali

- Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibedda ee dalka Eritrea Mudane, Cusmaan Saaleh oo uu la socdo La-taliyaha Madaxweynaha waddankaasi Mudane, Isaias Afwerki, ayaa maanta booqahso shaqo oo rasmi ah ku tagay magaalada Hargaysa ee caasimadda dalka Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland.

Wafdigan ayaa markii ay yimaadeen J.Somaliland waxa durtiiba lagu qaabilay soo dhawayn diiran oo aad u saraysa, waxana ay la kulmeen madaxweynaha J. Somaliland Mudane, Muuse Biixi Cabdi. Warbixin arintan ku saabsan waxa noo soo dirtay Sagal Mustafe Xasan Nuur.
Halkan hoose guji oo ka dhagayso;

Somaliland: Can the unrecognized state get out of poverty?

 "Somaliland bore the brunt of the onslaught mounted by Siad Barre’s troops, and was almost reduced to complete rubble".Ejin

- A recent of trip of mine was to Somaliland, an impoverished region in East Africa that has remained largely unrecognized by the international community ever since it unilaterally declared its independence on May 18, 1991.

In order to seek international recognition, the people of Somaliland have been stressing that what they did almost 28 years ago wasn’t seceding from Somalia, but rather “regaining” their previous statehood.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

DP World commissions first Mobile Harbour Cranes in Somaliland

 Press release 

Berbera, Somaliland: Global marine terminal operator DP World said its multi- purpose Berbera port in Somaliland has achieved a major milestone for the country, commissioning the first Mobile Harbour Cranes (MHCs) at the Port of Berbera this month.

The introduction of the MHCs is a landmark development by DP World Berbera, as the port will for the first time offer shoreside crane support, substantially improving vessel operations, said a statement from DP World.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Somaliland: New road could derail Kenya's Lapsset plan

- Somaliland will build a 250km road, from its port city of Berbera to Ethiopian border, in what is likely to provide a mixed bag of fortunes for Kenya

The groundbreaking of the dual carriageway is set to deepen trade relations between Somaliland and Ethiopia, particularly following the upgrading of the former’s port to handle containerised cargo. It comes just days after President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed  presided over the official opening of a two-day Kenya-Ethiopia Trade and Investment Forum in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The two leaders committed to the implementation of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor, also known as the Lamu Corridor. 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

SHEEKO KALE KEEN: Garyaqaan – W/Q: Prof. Cabdisalaam Yaasiin

- Iyada oo kiis la qaadayo ayaa nin garyaqaan ahi  u yeedhay markhaarigii u horeeyay oo ahayd islaan da’ weyn. Inta uu ku dhowaaday ayuu ku yidhi, “Ma i garanaysaa?”

Waxay ugu jawaabtay, “Haa. Waan ku garanayaa. Weliba adiga oo inan yar ah ayaan garanayaa. Run ahaantiina, khasaare ayaa lagaa joogaa. Waad been badantahay. Waad xan badantahay. Dirdiraalaad tahay. Nin reerkiisi gabay baad tahay. Waxad ismoodaysaa nin cirka maray oo xidigahaas ifaya ah, waxadse tahay mid aan garaad iyo garsho toona lahayn oo war iyo waraaqo la eedo maxkamadaha la meermeera.”

ELM school changing negative perception about Somaliland

- When Kadhar Beileh decided to transfer his two eldest sons, Abdikani and Mohamed, Amin from Elm School, a private school in Hargeisa in the self-declared state of Somaliland, to the United Arab Emirates in 2015, he was laughed off and told his children had no chance of joining the international school. 

The UAE school brushed him off and tried to shut their door on them and was told point blank that he should not waste his money paying for an examination fee because the boys would fail the entry test, ostensibly because they hail from the unrecognised Somaliland, whose educational standards are supposed to be poor. This is a common perception people who never visited Somaliland have.  

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Somaliland – key to winning America’s longest war. By Michael Rubin (PhD)

HARGEISA, SOMALILAND—On February 7, 2019, Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, AFRICOM commander, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that U.S. airstrikes alone would not defeat al-Shabaab, the Al Qaeda-affiliated militant group with deep roots in Somalia. Instead, he said, local forces need to “step up.” He is right, so it is especially unfortunate that when local forces step up to rebuff al-Shabaab, AFRICOM ignores them.

Consider Somaliland, a breakaway region of Somalia which borders Djibouti and controls 460-miles of coastland along the Gulf of Aden. While Somalia descended into chaos in 1991, the northern clans in Somaliland restored peace throughout the region which accounts for about 30 percent of Somalia’s territory.