.....(Hal-ku-dhigyo Dhaxal-gal Noqday) = ..... President, C/raxmaan A. Cali: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland dib ayay ula soo Noqotay Qaran-nimadeedii sidaa awgeed, waa dal xor ah oo gooni u taagan maanta (18/05/1991) laga bilaabo''...>>>>> President, Maxamad I.Cigaal:''Jiritaanka Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland'' Waa mid waafaqsan xeerasha u-degsan Caalamka! Sidaa darteed, waa Qaran xaq u leh in Aduunku aqoonsado''...>>>>> President, Daahir R. Kaahin: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland waa dal diimuqraadi ah oo caalamka ka sugaya Ictiraafkiisa''...>>>>> President, Axmed M. Siilaanyo: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, Boqol sano haday ku qaadanayso helista Ictiraafkeedu way Sugaysaa! Mar dambena la midoobi mayso Somalia-Italia''.....[***** Ha Jirto J.Somaliland Oo Ha Joogto Waligeed *****].....

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Somaliland is a testament to capitalism: The U.S. has recognized Somalia's governmen. So What Does That Now Mean for Somaliland?

An Interview with Karthink
 ''Somaliland has been vigilant in fighting the Shabab. And this is not just the police. Ordinary Somaliland citizens recognize that the Shabab is a dangerous and intolerant group,,''. Karthik
- Somalia, located in the Horn of Africa, has for years been plagued with problems of instability, piracy and extremism. But on January 18, after about two decades without formal relations, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton officially recognized the government of Somalia, for having turned itself around.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Madaxwayne Siilaanyo: ''Somaliland Waa Dal Xor Ka Ah Soomaaliya Namana Sheegan Karaan.....*Dhegta maal

BBC; - Madaxweynaha Somaliland, Axmed Maxamed Siilaanyo ayaa sheegay in dowladda Soomaaliya aanay dowlad u ahayn isla markaana aanay xukumin jamhuuriyada Somaliland. Hadalkan ayaa Madaxweynuhu waxa uu ka sheegay mar uu maanta khubda u jeediyay labada aqal ee baarlamaanka Somaliland.
Madaxweyne Siilaanyo waxa uu sheegay inay ku hawlan yihiin horumarinta Somaliland iyo sidii aan aqoonsi uga heli lahaayeen dunida. Siilaanyo waxa uu sheegay in dowladda Soomaaliya iyo dadkeeda ay u sheegayaan inay tashadeen oo aanay jirin cid jujuubi karta. "dowladda cusub ee Soomaaliya waxaan jeclahay inay noo dhaxeyso cilaaqaad wanaadgsan." ayuu yidhi Madaxweynuhu.Warkan iyo ku kaleb riix hoosta;

State Of Union Address – Joint Meeting Of Guurti And Parliment

President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo
''In the name of Allah the most merciful the most gracious: Thanks to Allah, prayers and peace be upon his prophets and messengers''.....: Mr. Chairman, Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members of both houses, Honorable leaders of the National Parties, esteemed guests and members of the Media, I say to you Peace and Blessings be upon you all.
Mr. Chairman and Honorable members;

Khudbadii Madaxwayne Axmed Siilaanyo U-jeediyay 2-da Gole Qaran

Khudbadii Sanadka Ee Madaxwaynaha Jamhuuriyada Somaliland Md; Axmed Maxamad Maxamuud ''Siilaanyo''..... [Akhris-wacan]

Madaxwaynaha jamhuuriyada Somaliland ayaa khudbadii sanadlaha ahayd ee xogwaranka xukuumadiisa ujeediyay labada gole ee qaranka. Khudbadii oo dhamaystiran waatan ee akhris wanaagsan;
''Bismilaahi Raxmaani Raxiim, Alxamdu Lilaah, Wa-Salaatu Wa-salaamu Calaa Ashrafil Anbiyaa Wal-Mursaliin''.
- Shirgudoonka Baarlamaanka, Xildhibaanada Labada Gole, Xisbiyada Qaranka, Marti Sharafta, Warbaahinta kala Duwan, waxaan idinku salaamayaa salaanta Islaamka: Asalaamu Calaykum Waraxmatullaahi Wa Baraakatuhu.

Somalia: Whose Country Is It, Anyway? Mary Harper

- The most striking example of autonomy is Somaliland in the northwest, wich declared itself independent from the rest of the country in 1991. Although it lacks international recognition, Somaliland is a functioning polity and more democratic than the rest of the Horn of Africa.

Arguably the most successful Somali region, Somaliland has also experienced the lowest degree of foreign interference, particularly since it developed its own political system from the ground up, marrying traditional forms of authority with more modern, Western-style democracy. For example, the upper house of parliament, or guurti, is made up of tradional elders, while the lower house is elected.
Read more;

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Somaliland’s National Security Is Well Maintained”/ General Ima

- The Republic Of Somaliland’s Police Commissioner, General Abdullahi Fedal Iman (Photo Above) Has Stated That ”Somaliland’s National Security Is Under Control And Well Maintained.” While Responding To The British Government’s Warnings Towards Somaliland Foreigners The British Government Issued A Warning Towards All Somaliland British Nationals To Leave The Republic Of Somaliland Immediately.
The Issue States That Kidnappings Throughout The Country Of Somalia Are Taking Place, through Motivation of”… Criminality And Terrorism” However what the issue Fails to state is that none of these Actions are taking place in the Republic of Somaliland regardless of the behavior in Somalia.

Somalia Leaders Provocative Statements Can’t Terrify Somaliland

''Somaliland must know that danger from Somalia is on its peak and must build and prepare the national army, in order to confront such threat that is coming from Mogadishu''. Ali
- In Somaliland, there are many naïve people who think that Somalia can be a friend, when in reality, and in the words of the Somalia Prime Minister, “Somaliland is part of Somalia”. Today, Somaliland is living in a period that could be considered one of the biggest historical turning points in the Somaliland-Somalia relations: The London talks is about to start and Somalia officials are misleading the world over the talks while Somaliland is silent witness.

Turkey, the Middle East, Africa: A Struggle for Advantage

''Then there is the fact that a Turkish petroleum company made an investment of $1 billion in Somaliland, and that some officials ,,''. JTW
- Last year Turkish foreign policy towards the Middle East was largely determined the constraints of the Syrian problem. Despite this Turkey managed to increase its influence in the Middle East by creating a strategic relationship with Egypt. Meanwhile it is now virtually essential that Turkey increase its foreign policy involvement in Africa in order to protect its interests.

African Union backs Djiboutian Rachad Farah for UNESCO D-G post

''I am considering seeking support from Asia, America, Europe and the United States,''. Rachad Farah
- Addis Abeba, Ethiopia - African leaders on Monday threw their weight behind the candidature of Djiboutian Rachad Farah for the position of Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural organisation (UNESCO) which would decided on in October.

In a special resolution, the 20th AU summit urged African countries to ensure that Mr Farah succeeds in his bid to replace the incumbent, Irina Bokova, who is seeking her second four-year term.

UNCTAD Investment Policy Review discussed at Djibouti workshop

''Improving infrastructure, making the tax system "friendlier" for small businesses, and taking advantage of Djibouti's geographical location were among topics reviewed as officials considered how to boost foreign investment''. UNCTAD
- The workshop was held in the capital city, Djibouti. UNCTAD experts discussed the main findings and recommendations of a recently completed Investment Policy Review (IPR) of the country. Government officials, business and civil society representatives, and officials from the Djibouti offices of the United Nations Development Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization attended,,,
Read more;

Father of Terror Suspect Says FBI Brainwashed Son

- The father of an Oregon terrorism suspect testified Monday that his then-teenage son was suffering from an identity crisis and enduring a troubled home life when the FBI brainwashed him.
Osman Barre, the father of Somali-American terrorism suspect Mohamed Mohamud, said he was concerned for his son's safety when he contacted the FBI in 2009. Barre said Mohamud told him he was planning to fly to Yemen to learn Arabic at a time when Barre was frightened by news accounts of Somali-American teenagers joining the mujahedeen in Somalia.

Somaliland disputes UK travel warning

- The government of Somaliland, the self-declared republic in north-western Somalia, Sunday sought to dismiss a travel warning issue by Britain to its citizens saying it had no information on the specific threat referred to by London.

 "We [have] received information from Britain concerning insecurity in Somaliland," Somaliland Foreign Affairs minister Dr Mohamed Abdullahi Omar told the media following a cabinet meeting in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, some 1,500 km northwest of Mogadishu.

Hargeisa, a Divided Capital City: Jamal Madar

- In Somaliland, we appear to have a government. It looks like a government, often talks like a government, and sometimes behaves like a government. But you can't really understand the modus operandi of Silanyo's government until you scratch beneath the surface and reveal that it is not actually a government but a small clique of utterly unscrupulous individuals pulling the strings everywhere in Somaliland.
This clique would go extra ordinary lengths not only to flout the laws of the land but also to wallow in the blood of innocents, if it threatened their best interests as in the case of the massacre that took place at Ahmed Dhagah and further afield.

In Response To the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Revised Travel Advice for Somaliland

Statement  by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland!
- The Government of the Republic of Somaliland takes its responsibility to protect foreign nationals living and working in the country very seriously.
International organizations,multinational businesses and other foreign entities have been operating securely in Somaliland for many years, thanks to the resources we have invested in our security institutions, and the willingness of the general public to cooperate with the Government in defeating security threats from terrorists

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ummaddii Iyadu Is-Aqoonsani; Aqoonsi Kale Waxba Kalama Maqna!!

Washington, London iyo Muqdisho ma go’aamin karaan himilada iyo aayo-ka-tashiga Qaranka iyo dadka JSL''.Eng. Hussein
- Karaamada, Sharafta, Wadajirka iyo is-fahanka ummadda waxaa saldhig u ah inay iyagu marka hore dhexdoodu is-aqoonsadaan oo is-qadariyaan. In la isku qiro oo la isku bogaadiyo wixii wanaag iyo horumar ah ee soo kordha (laga bilaabo Qof illaa Qaran) isla markaana layskaga garaabo wixii gar iyo dawba ah oo la saxo wixii dhalliil, caddaalad-darro ama hagar ah ee jira, waana calaamadaha ilbaxnimo ee ummad lagu tilmaansan karo.

Somaliland Final Prores HQ: Candle Light (Shukri Ismail)

Iman mayso Somaliland-ta aad u Alwanaysaanee!

“Adduun bay addoon kula noqdeen iib la dhaafsado’e, ammaana alla waydiin bannaan labada oofoode”. M.S.Gees
- Aqoonyahan Maraykan ah oo wax ka dhiga Jaamacad ku taalla Gobalka North Carolina oo la yidhaa (Davidson College), laguna magcaabo Ken Machouse oo khabiir ku ah arrimaha siyaasadd, isla markaana qoraallo badan ka qoray Soomaalida oo Dawladda Maraykanku kala tashato Arrimaha Soomaalida, ayaa marar badan yimid Hargeysa oo la kulmay siyaasiinta Somaliland iyo waxgaradkeeda, waxa uu ku yidhi;

Somaliland Oo Ka Jawaabtay Digniinta Britain (UK)- *Dhegta-maal

- Somaliland ayaa si adag u diiday ugana jawaabtay war ay dawlada Ingiriisku dhawaan faafisay oo ku saabsanaa amaanka dadka reer Galbeedka ah ee jooga Somaliland.  Wasiirka arimaha dibada JSL oo xalay shir-jaraa'id qabtay ayaa sheegay Inaanay dawlada Somaliland la qabin xukuumada Britian cabsida amni ee ay muujinayso

Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibadda dalka Jamh. Somaliland Dr. Maxamed C/laahi Cumar Ayaa carabka ku adkeeyay in  amaanka Somaliland uu sugan yahay oo aaney jirin wax walaac ah oo ay xukuumadiisu ka qabto khatar dhinaca amaanka ah oo ka timaada Somaliland. Dhanka kale wasiirku waxa uu ka hadlay madax ka socota dawlada USA. Warbixinta hoosta ka dhagayso;

Somaliland dismisses Britain's security threat warning

(Reuters) - Somalia's breakaway Somaliland enclave has dismissed as "baseless" a British government warning of an imminent attack on foreigners. London urged all British nationals to leave Somaliland immediately on Sunday, warning of a "specific threat" to foreigners. Ireland issued the same alert to its citizens.
Somaliland's Foreign Minster Mohamed Abdillahi Omer told reporters on Sunday night that there was no "imminent threat and danger from terrorists" and that the "UK government's presumption of insecurity in Somaliland is baseless."

JSL: Xukuumadda Oo Jawaab Cad Ka Bixisay Warkii Ingiriisku Ka Soo Saaray Nabad-galyada Jamhuuriyada Somaliland

  Press Release.
– Somaliland ayaa jawaab adag ka bixisay hadal maanta ka soo baxay Xafiiska arrimaha dibadda iyo Barwaaqa sooranka dalka Britian, kaasi oo loogaga digayay muwaadiniinta u dhashay dalka Britian ee jooga Somaliland in aanay u socdaali karin Somaliland. Wasiirka arrimaha dibada iyo is kaashiga caalamiga ah ee Somaliland Dr. Maxamed C/laahi Cumar oo caawa shir jaraa’id ku qabtay xarunta madaxtooyada Somaliland ayaa sheegay in aanay wax nabad geliyo daro ah ka jirin Somaliland isla markaana ay ku kalsoon yihiin nabad geliyada dalka ka jirta.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dugsiga Sare ee Abarso Tech iyo Dugsiga Sare ee SOS ee Sheikh waxay metalan taya ahaan Dugiyadii hore ee Sheikh iyo Camud

''Dadweynaha reer S/land waa inay ilaashadan dugsiyada SOS-Sheikh & Abaarso-Tech''. Adan Jama
- Waxa beryahan danbe wararka ku soo noqnoqanayay khilaaf hadheeyay Dugiga Sare ee la yidhaa Abarso-Tech. Dugsiga waxa maamula sidaan la soconaba Mr. Johntar oo ah nin maraykan ah waxana weheliya macalimiin kale oo maraykan ah. Dugsigii habkuu ku shaqeya waa habka tacliinta ee lagaga barto marykanka, macalimiinta maraykanka ahi kuma eka oo keliya dhigitaankooda Dugsiga ee sidoo kale waxay qaarkood wax ka dhigaan qaar ka mid ah Jaamacadaha dalka. Waxa sidoo kale ka dhiga iskuulka macalin Masaariya oo ardayda u dhiga maadada Carabiga iyo Diintaba.

Isbitaal Caruurta Lagu Daweeyo Oo Hargaysa Laga Furay!

''Aad ayaan ugu faraxsanahay inan ka qayb-galo furitaanka Cusbitaalkan Caruurta u gaarka ah'' Marwo Aamina Waris
- Masuuliyiin sarsare oo ka tirsan Xukuumada oo ay ka mid yihiin Wasiirada Caafimaadka Dr. Xuseen Xoog, Qorshaynta Dr. Sacad Cali Shire, Gudoomiyaha Wakiilada, Marwada Koodaa ee Somaliland iyo Dhakhaatiir ka socotay dalka Talyaaniga iyo xubno ka mid ah dhakhaatiirta Somaliland ayaa shalay ka qayb-galay Munaasibad xadhiga lagaga jaray qayb ka mid ah dhismaha Cusbitaalka Carruurta ee ay Hargeysa ka hirgaliyeen qoyska Maxamed Aaden Sheekh oo Cusbitaalkaasi loogu Magac daray.

Why did the US ‘Recognise’ Somalia’s New Government? By Ahmed M.I. Egal

''The US ‘recognition’ of Somalia will have no impact whatsoever upon Somaliland and its future''. Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Egal
- There is an English saying that describes the current hubbub in Somalia and Somaliland regarding the ‘recognition’ extended by the Obama administration to the government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamed – Somalia’s latest, foreign-sponsored and foreign-financed putative ‘government’. The saying is: ‘a storm in a teacup’. This phrase sums up the fatuity of the entire event, the nothing-ness of it, if you will, and, therefore the futility of the heated discussion and debate around it that Somalis have so eagerly and energetically devoted to it.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dr. Sifir Oo Ka Hadlay Aqoonsiga Maraykanku Siiyay Soomaaliya!

- Wakiilka dawladda JSL u fadhiya dalka Kenya Dr. Maxamuud Cabdillaahi Jaamac (Sifir), ayaa sheegay in aanu aqoonsiga Maraykanku siiyay dawladda Somaliya wax saamayn ah ku yeelanayn dawladda Jamhuuriyada Somaliland.

Dr. Sifir oo xogogaal u ah arrimaha diblomaasiyadda gobalka Geeska Afrika, wuxuu sheegay in Maraykanku aqoonsaday dedaaladii uu sannadihii u dambeeyay geliyay dalka Somaliya. Dr. Sifir, oo isagoo jooga magaalada Nayrobi ee dalka Kenya xalay u waramay Wargeyska Geeska Afrika, wuxuu ugu horayn ka hadlaya aqoonsiga Maraykanka oo ay bulshada JSL aad u hadal hayso, waxaanu yidhi,

Laba Barnaamij-Idaacadeed Oo Aan Aad U-Tabay!

- Saban waliba sumadiisa lehe waxan kacaamay, iyada oo laba barnaamij ay ugu sitaan barnaamijyada ay bulshadu dhagaysto ee ka bixi jiray idaacado ku hadla afka-Soomaaliga oo ku kala yaalay qaaradaha aduunyada!

Labadaa barnaamij, midi, waxa uu gaar u ahaa oo aan lagu taraxi jirin da'yarta waxana maalin kasta (hadii aanan seeganayn) laga siidayn jiray, laba idaacadood oo kala ahaa radio Hargaysa iyo radio Muqdisho! Barnaamijkaa waxa la odhan jiray ''I-maqashii I-madadaali''. Waxa uu ahaa barnaamij salaamaha iyo hambalyooyinka la iskugu diri jiray, islamarkaana lagu dalban jiray heeso! Kuwaasoo waqtigoodii aad u dabacsanaa oo qajeel jacayl ahaa runtiina qanci jiray dadka dhagaysanaya.

Cabdalla Xaaji Cismaan : Qallin-maalkii Reer Djibouti Ee Noqday Qabiil u Dirirka!

''Cabdalla Xaaji Cismaan (Djibouti) ma cadaalad u dirirbaa mise waa qabiil u dirir?! Yaab''. Cali Aw Xuseen

 - Waxa dhowaan  qaar ka mid ah shabakadaha warbaahintu ay soo tabiyaan taxane uu qoro ninka la yidhaa Cabdalla Xaaji oo ah qoraa reer Djibouti ah. Cabdalla Xaaji ,in yar oo ammaan iyo garowshiiyo ah ka dib,  waxa ay taxanayaashiisu xambaarsanaayeen, ilaa imika, dhaleeceyn iyo cadaalad darro baahsan oo ka jirta gayiga Somaliland oo dhan. Waxana ka muuqata qoraaladiisa cadho qabyaaladeysan oo gaamuurtay in uu kula dul dhacay Somaliland.

Somaliland State Is Based On Equality And Justice For All Citizens Including Women

- Somaliland is a democratic state that has its institutions that are based on equality and justice for all citizens regardless of their status.
Somaliland has come a long way since declaring its independence from the rest of Somalia on 1991. The businesses were booming and were mostly run by women. It is estimated that 70% of the population are women. Despite that women in general have struggled to have their input in politics and other means of advancing the country. These obstacles have always been there traditionally.

Maxaad ka Taqaan Dhaqan-xumadii Iyo Gabayadii Uu Wadaadkii Ina Cabdalla Xasan Ku Caayay Xaasaskiisa

- In dumarka la caayaa oo waliba si qaawan oo mutaxan loo aflagaadeeyaa loona faaleeyaa haween-nimadooda waa wax caariye ku ah qofka inuun dadnimo, anshax iyo dhaqan suubani meel kaga soo duulay! Bal ka waran hadaba, ninka isaga oo sheekh qaari ah  sheeganaya hadana, gabayo iyo maansooyin aanu waxba la-hadhin ku ceebeeyay haween Soomaaliyeed oo isaga u dhaxay oo Ooryo u noqday!
Ina-Cabdalla Xasan, oo dadka qaar ay Sheekh ku sheegaan! Hab-dhaqankiisuse ka fogaa  akhlaaqda dadka muslimka lagu yaqaan, hoosta ka akhri labo maanso oo gaagaaban oo uu ku caayayo dumar xaasas u noqday!! Dabdeed markaa adba xukun qofka uu ahaa Ina-Cabdalla Xasan?!

MEDAIR Missions In Somaliland

- Droughts and high food prices have had a deadly impact in Somaliland. Malnutrition is rampant. Livestock have died off in the millions. Water is extremely scarce. As pastoralist families lose their herds and exhaust their traditional coping mechanisms, they have little choice but to move to urban areas, to camps where they live in poverty and place a serious burden on host communities.
Meanwhile, many families have fled to Somaliland to escape conflict in southern Somalia and other surrounding areas. They too live in camps or with relatives and strain the limited resources that exist. Despite their high level of need, displaced families have limited access to health care or trained health professionals.
Read more:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ictiraafka USA-Somalia Maxay Ka Bedeli Kartaa Qorashihii Hore Ee La Odhan Jiray '' Dual track policy''......*Dhegta-maal

VOASOMALI: - Barnaamijka magaciisa la yidhaa; ''Faaqidaadda Toddobaadka'' oo ah barnaamij ay idaacadda maraykanku leeyahay ee VoaSomali, ku-soo marti-qaado dad kala duwan oo ay ka mid yihiin aqoon-yahano, waxgarad iyo Siyaasiyiin ka soo kala jeeda degaamada afka-soomaaliga lagaga hadlaa, barnaamijkaasoo lagu falanqeeyo kolba dhacdooyinka waawayn ee ka dhaca dhulalka Soomaalidu kala degto.
Hadaba maanta waxa ay idaacadu ku soo qaadatay barnaamijkeeda, waxa uu Ictiraafka Maraykanku siiyay maamulka Somaliya uu ka badali karo, qorshahii hore ee Maraykanku uu kula dhaqmi jiray Somalia iyo Somaliland ee la odhan jiray;'' Dual track policy''. Dr. Axmed Xuseen Ciise ayaa Somaliland u hadlaya!

School-ka Abaarso-Tech. Ayaa Aasaasay?: Dr. Axmed Xuseen Ciise

- Waxa beryahan jira hadal hayn faro badan oo ku saabsan dugsiga Abaarso-Tech, taasi waxay dhaawacaysaa sumcadii dugsigaa, sharaftii iyo karaamadii dadkii aasaasay! Waxana khasab ah in la soo afjaro si dugsigaasi ugu noqdo sidii loogu talo galay ee ahayd dugsi wax tar badan ku soo kordhin kara Somaliland iyo waxbarashada dhalinyarada. Mana ah inuu khilaafkaasi noqdo mid dadkii wakhti iyo maalba u huray taabo-galinta dugsigan in uu hadana sumcadooda iyo sharaftoodaba galaafto.
Hadaba su'aasha in aan dhab uga jawaabno u baahani waa; Sidee buu ku bilaabmay dugsigaasi?

U.S. Recognition Doesn't Bode Well for Somalia

- The United States government's recent recognition of Somalia's new government is no cause for hope for the Somali people. Official recognition brings official largess in the form of development aid that will do little to promote development. Worse yet, recognition might help to legitimize what is likely to be yet another oppressive African government.
In a White House ceremony with Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the recently elected president of Somalia, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, "I'm very pleased that... we are taking this historic step of recognizing the government." Most news stories have reported the event as a good sign for progress in the region. Unfortunately, official recognition is likely to do more harm than good for the average Somali.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Somaliland Foreign Minister DubaiOneTV Interview

The Hallo Trust Report: ''Somaliland History of Mine-laying

''The majority of mines found in Somaliland are plastic-bodied minimum metal mines. This combined with rocky, laterized, metal contaminated ground and..'' The Hallo Truth
- Somaliland is an unrecognised de-facto independent state located in northwest Somalia in the Horn of Africa. During colonial times, the region was the British Somaliland Protectorate. It did not join a united Somalia until 1960. British Somaliland became independent on 26th June 1960 as the State of Somaliland, and Italian Somaliland's independence came four days later, whereupon the two entities immediately merged on 1st July 1960 as the Somali Republic.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Only One Option, Sovernity: Somaliland

''Mr. Jesper, whether you and your fellow Somali unionists like it or not, the fact of the matter is that Somaliland would never re-unite again with Somalia''. Mohamed (SIIF)
- We write with reference to Jesper Carlsen's piece titled" A Third way for Somaliland and Somalia you can read this below " published on 19 January, 2012 on Somaliland Times and various Somaliland websites. First, Mr. Jesper selected to discuss a topic that he is not familiar with thus a novice. However, we have to thank to Jesper for raising an interesting and important issue, which touches vital and pivotal issue for Somalilanders and that is the independence of Somaliland.

US Recognition Of Provisional Somalia Govt. Changes Nothing

- Mohamed Sheikh Hassan, the head of Somalia's provisional government has managed to achieve something that has eluded successive "leaders" in Somalia; after two decades the United States of America has agreed to renew its ties with that beleaguered country.
Unelected and undemocratic it may be, but the provisional government has made a step in the right direction to relieve the suffering people of Somalia. However, for those who are under the impression that the US recognition of the entity in Mogadishu will have a huge impact on Somaliland; Sorry, to disappoint you, but Somaliland is here to stay. The people of Somaliland remain united, come what may.

Unclassified C.I.A.Documents: The Mysterious 1995 Somaliland Explosions

ATS- In December 1995 (approximately) , President Egal of war-torn Somaliland (an unrecognised African country) sent out a frantic call to a number of nations asking for help.  He describes explosions in a remote northern part of his country and the strange symptoms afflicting humans and animals in the region. .... 
Somaliland President Egal; ''.. a fortnight after this event , they found most of the animals in a sort of demented state. Humans are almost shedding their outer skin... Mysterious Explosion: ... no noise prior to a huge explosion ... witnesses report seeing objects moving at supersonic speeds''.
Read more:

Qabiilka Ciise Iyo Kaalintii S N M (Qaybtii 4aad)

''Ma Ciisaha dhulkoodii iyo dadkoodii qabiil kale dusha laga saaray ee la yidhi u taliya,ma taasaa xor iyo xalaal ah?''. Cabdalla Xaaji
- Dabadeed Maxaa Dhacay?. Intaan u gelin arrimihii foosha xumaa ee ka dhacay gobollada Ciisuhu ka dego Somaliland gaar ahaan Lughaya iyo Saylac, aan dib u jalleecno 1990kii wixii ka horreeyey.1960kii markii dalku gobannimadiisa uu gumaysigii Ingiriiska ka qaatay iyo ka horba, meelaha aadka loo dayacay ee haba yaraatee aan waxba laga qaban dhinacay doontaba ha noqotee, xag waxbarasho, xag caafimaad,xaga soo saarka biyaha iyo waddooyinka haba yaraatee waxba looma qaban dadka Ciisaha.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Somaliland Mass Graves: Somalia's Next Phase Should Include Accountability for War Criminals Like Gen. Morgan, Maslax....

''The Somali government should build on these efforts and end the impunity of suspected war criminals like General Mohammed Said Hersi Morgan or Maslah Mohamed Siad Barre''. Pamela
- Last week, the U.S. government recognized a government of Somalia for the first time since 1991. In his remarks to Secretary of State Clinton, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud spoke of Somalia emerging from a period of chaos to one of peace. This new Somalia, he said, will make a "valuable contribution to the region and the world at large." If Somalia is to be a shining example, it should start by ending impunity for war criminals and giving victims justice.

Mashruuca Horumarinta D/Hoose Iyo Maamul Daadajinta JPLG Oo Markii Ugu Horaysay Somaliland Lagu Qabtay

''Anna Schmidt oo ka socotay Ururka Midawga Yurub ayaa iyadu carrabka ku dhufatay in mashruucan uu yahay mid ka qaybqaadana horumarinta, maamul daadejinta iyo xasilooda Somaliland''. Haatuf
- Mashruuca Horumarinta Dawladaha Hoose iyo maamul daadejinta ee loo yaqaan JPLG ayaa markii ugu horraysay shirka furitaankiisa lagu qabtay Somaliland. Mashruucan oo wejigii hore oo bilaabmay 2008 ilaa 2012 ayaa wejiga 2aad oo socon doona muddo shan sanno uu shalay si rasmi ah uga furmay hudheelka Ambassador ee magaaladda Hargeysa, kaasoo ay ka qaybgaleen Madaxweyne-ku-xigeenka Somaliland, Wasiirrada Maaliyadda, Qorshaynta, Macdanta iyo Biyaha, Arrimaha Gudaha, Maayiradda degmooyinka dalka iyo masuuliyiin ka socday deeq bixiyayaasha, iyo hay’adaha caalamiga ah.

The African Union and Djibouti sign an addendum to the memorandum of understanding on Djibouti’s contribution to AMISOM and...

The Commission of the African Union (AU) and the Government of the Republic of Djibouti  signed yesterday, at the AU Headquarters, in Addis Ababa, an Addendum to the existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) governing Djibouti’s contribution of resources to the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). The two sides also signed an agreement on the training by the AMISOM, Djibouti and the Italian Carabineer of Somali police personnel, at the Djiboutian Police Academy. The Addendum and the Agreement were signed by Ambassador Ramtane Lamamra, Commissioner for Peace and Security, on behalf of the AU, and by Ambassador Mohamed Idriss Farah, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Djibouti to the AU, on behalf of the Republic of Djibouti.
It should be recalled that the Republic of Djibouti has contributed a battalion size contingent to AMISOM.
SOURCE: African Union Commission (AUC)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Newly elected Hargeisa council aims to address city's garbage problem

- Hargeisa residents say they have high expectations of the newly elected municipal council's ability to clean up the piles of garbage strewn in the city's streets. The recently elected body started work on January 5th, vowing to address residents' needs and complaints, with a focus on public service, said council member Ahmed Siad Muhumed.
"We will focus on sanitation, strengthening public neighbourhoods and district boards that will work with the municipality on peace-keeping and development, as well as improving the beauty of the city," he told Sabahi.

Chinese Muslims In Africa

- Fatima is a young Muslim, or Hui, woman from Gansu Province and is distinguished from other female Chinese immigrants in Cairo by wearing the Muslim Hijab. She has been studying Arabic for the last two years at the language school of Al-Azhar University, in Cairo’s Abbasiya district. Abbasiya is one of the two areas in Cairo that could come closest to being a so called ‘Chinatown’. Most of the Chinese here are Muslim, predominantly from China’s north-west, studying Arabic at the world’s most famous Islamic university. Here you find the best examples of food from China’s north-western provinces, especially the typical noodles from the city of Lanzhou.

Fatima says immigration of Chinese Muslims to the Nile is often driven more strongly by the business opportunities that arise due to the burgeoning trade with the region, than by religious zeal. Similar to Fatima, most Chinese come to study, sometimes religious studies, but mostly Arabic, and they normally plan to go back to China to work.

Read more;

Qabiilka Ciise, S N M Iyo SHIRKII BURCO( 1991): Qaybtii 3-aad

''Qaybtan waxaan ku soo qaadan shirkii Burco,kii Boorama iyo saami-qaybsigii beelaha Somaliland''. Cabdalla Xaaji

- Bishii Janawari 1991kii ayaa dawladdii Kacaanka ahayd afka ciidda loo daray. Ururkii S.N.M. waxa uu gacanta ku dhigay dhammaan gobolladii la isku odhan jirey Waqooyi-galbeed. S.N.M. waxay berigaa samaysay arrin wanaagsan oo loo baahnaa.Beelihii Somaliland oo dhan bay baaq nabadeed u dirtay si looga wada hadlo nabadaynta dalka,dabadeed bishii May 1991kii ayaa shir ballaadhan oo beeluhu u dhan yihiin ka bilaabmay magaalada Burco.Halkaas oo qabaa’ilkii dawladdii Siyaad Barre hubka iskugu dhiibtay nabad ku wada gaadheen isla markaana waxa lagu dhawaaqay 18kii May 1991kii gooni isku taagga Somaliland.Cabdiraxmaan-tuur ayaa muddo laba sannadooda madaxweyne loo doortay.

Wasiirka A/Gudaha Ee S/land Maxamed N. Caraale Duur Oo Ka Hadlay Aqoonsiga Maraykanku Siiyay Somalia Iyo.....*Dhegta-maal

- Somaliland ayaa sheegtay in dowladda Soomaaliya ay si khaldan uga faa-ideysatay aqoonsiga Maraykanku siiyay Soomaaliya iyo waliba kulankii Madaxweynayaasha Maraykanka iyo Somalia ay ku yeesheen aqalka Cad. Wasiirka arrimaha gudaha Somaliland, Maxamed Nuur Caraale Duur, ayaa VOA u sheegay in dowladda Somalia laga doonayay inay Maryakanka ka codsadaan dib u dhiska dalka iyo waliba in Maraykanku gacan ka geysto sidii Soomaaliya la isugu keeni lahaa, balse ay fursadaasi seegtay oo aanay ka faa-iideysan.

Wasiirka arrimaha gudaha Somaliland, oo haatan ku sugan Saylac ayaa dhinaca kale sheegay in dhinacyadii muranku ka dhaxeeyay ahaa golaha deeganaka Saylac ay isku soo dhaweeyeen. Wasiirka oo la waydiiyay aragtida Somaliland ee aqoonsiga Maryakank ee Soomaaliya, jawaabtiisa halka hoose ka dhageyso.

Gabay: Maanso Baroor-diiq ah Oo Uu Abwaan Xasan-Ganay Ka Tiriyay Geeridii Jaamac Maxamuud Xayd (Gudoomiyahii Bangiga Djibouti- AHUN)

- Abwaanka wayn ee reer Somaliland ee magaciisa la yidhaa Xasan Xaaji Cabdilaahi (Xasan-Ganay) ayaa maanso baroor-diiq ah  ka tiriyay geeridii naxdinta lahayd ee ku timid, guddoomiyihii Baanka dalka Djibouti Marxuum Jaamac Maxamuud Xayd, oo toddobaadkii hore ku dhintay Magaalada Nairobi ee dalka Kenya.
Abwaan Xasan ganay oo aad uga tiiraanyaysan Ajal-shaa laga wada naxay ayaa dareenkiisa ku muujinaya maanso aad u qiimo badan oo uu si fiican  ugu iftiimiyay, qodkii/ mudnaantii gaarka uu Eebe u siiyay ee uu lahaa marxuumku (marxuum Maxamuud Xayd AHUN). Waxa uu abwaanku ku sheegayaa tuducyo badan oo ka mid ah gabaygan sida ay uga nixisay geeridaasi. Naftu ooli-mayso waana la is-daba socdaa, sidaa darteed waxan tacsi u diraynaa qoyskii, qaraabadii iyo qarankii uu ka baxay marxuumku, isna Ilaahay jano ayaan uga baryaynaa, Aamiin, Gabaygii Xasan waakane akhris wanaagsan;

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Qabiilka Ciise Iyo Ururkii S N M (Qaybtii 2aad): W/q: Cabdalle Xaaji

''Markay Ciisuhu hubkii ka qaateen dawladii Somalia ayay dabadeed dhinaca kale ka soo jeesteen oo ay si buuxdana ugu biireen ururkii SNM''. Cabdalla
- Halkaa markay arrimuhu marayaan Ciisuhu waxay bilaabeen inay taakulayn siiyaan jabhaddii. Taakulayntaa oo kala ahayd wardoonka iyo raashinka. Maadaama dawladdu aanay ka shakisnayn Ciisaha waxa u fududaatay inay warar badan siiyaan ciidammadii SNM ee ku sugnaa qaybo ka tirsanaa dhulka Ciisaha iyo kuwii joogay dhinaca Itoobiya,taasi jabhaddii waxay u suura gelisay inay guulo waaweyn gaadho waayo horaa loo yidhi “War la helaa talo la helaa”.

Faysal C. Waraabe Oo Jug Weyn Oo S/land Soo Gaadhay Ku Tilmaamay Aqoonsiga Maraykanka Ee Somalia!...{Waraysi BBC-Somali- *Dhegta maal}

''Maraykanku inuu Somaliland iyo Somalia wada ictiraafo ama ka wada daayo ayay ahayd ee sidan hada uu yeelay waa cadaalad-daro''; Faysal C. Waraabe
- Faysal Cali Waraabe ayaa sheegay in Aqoonsiga dawlada Maraykanka ee Somalia uu yahay mid ay ku degdegtay maadaama oo Dalkii Somalia la isku odhan jiray uu ka koobnaa Somaliland iyo Somalia, isla markaana War-murtiyeedka ka soo baxay Maraykanka uu u arko Jug weyn oo soo gaadhay gooni isku taaga Somaliland iyo wadahadaladii ay Somalia la lahayd. Gudoomiyaha UCID waxa uu sidaasi ku sheegay Waraysi uu siiyey Idaacada BBC-da xalay, waxaanu yidhi;

Aasaaskii unuga Schoolka Abaarso Tech iyo himladii hirgalintiisa

''Inanka aan adeerka u ahay ee Jonathan Starr, ayaa yidhi dhaqaale ganacsi ama wershado waa la samaynkaraa. Waxa dunida la isku dhaafay waa tacliin iyo aqoon''. Billeh Osman
- Schoolka Abaarso  waxa uu yahay iyo meesha uu yahay waa la wada ogyahay. Laakiin sida ka muuqata, dadka qaar bay weli ka maqantahay cidda schoolka dhistay iyo cidda loo dhisay. Schoolka Abaarso Tech qof gaar ahi ma laha. Sidoo kale, hay’ad gaar ah ama sharikad ganacsi schoolka ma laha. Waxa schoolka leh oo loo dhisay dadka iyo Waddanka reer Somaliland. Wuxu la mid yahay schoolada Waddaniga ah ee Dawladu dhisto oo Wasaaradda tacliintu maamusho.  In kasta oo annay maamulka Abaarso Tech Wasaaraddu gacanta ku hayn, hadana sidaas schoolada dowlada wadanku u leeyahay ayaa Abaarso Tech-na wadanku u leeyahay.

Short doc: Volunteering In Somaliland Part1 | التطوع في صوماليلاند جـ 1

Qabiilka Ciise iyo ururkii SNM: Cabdale Xaji Cusmaan (Qaybtii-1AAD)

''Qabiilka Ciise-hu waxay u arkayeen dagaalkii SNM gashay mid xaq ah oo ISAAQ lagu dirqiyey oo ay ku khasbanaayeen''.Cabdalla Xaaji
- Sooyaalku waa diiwaan kaydiya wixii la soo maray xumaan iyo samaan,Markaad kala furtaba sidii arrimuhu u dheceen oo hufan baad ugu tageysaa, cid wax ku dari karta iyo cid wax ka dhimi kartaa ma jirto, hadday cidi isku daydana iyadaa ku ceebowda,Waxaan halkan ku soo daabacayaa qoraal dheer oo aan kaga hadlayo kaalintii uu Qabiilka Ciise ka qaatay dagaalkii uu  ururkii S N M ku qaaday dawladdii Siyaad Barre si looga baxo dhibtii ay ummadda ku haysay iyo markii dalka laga xoreeyey taliskii Kacaanka ee lagu dhawaaqay Somaliland.Waxaan si kor ka xaadis ah u dulmari shirkii Burco,kii Boorama, saami-qaybsigii iyo doorashooyinkii inna soo maray. Waa qaybtii koowaad ee sidaa ula socda haddii Alla idmo

Saturday, January 19, 2013

President Silanyo Is A Ku – Ku

''Somalilanders won’t trust the fox to guard their bee-hives. A fox changes his skin but not his habits. When the fox preaches, beware of your sheep''.  Yusuf Deyr,
- Like all other subjects in the School – Curriculum, history has it’s own aims or purpose. Mr.M.White has aptly said, “ An Aim is the conscious purpose which we keep before our minds while doing a thing or after having done. “ In general, the aims of teaching history are the same as that of teaching other education. For example, the all round development of children.

UK: Khat ban calls ahead of government report

- Calls for the herbal high khat to be banned in the UK have been renewed days before a government report into its usage is due to be published.
On 5 January the Netherlands became the latest country to outlaw the plant which acts as a stimulant when chewed. Campaigners said it causes medical problems and family breakdowns. The Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs is to release a report next week into whether khat - grown in East Africa - should be banned in the UK.

The doomsday trio and the coming Armageddon for Somaliland

'' these three individuals (Mohamed Farah Yabarag,Osman Hassan and Ali H. Abdulla), fill a monthly quota of ill-disguised, clan oriented diatribes against the people & government of Somaliland''. Osman

- I am always amazed at the number of opinion pieces that appear on Wardheernews (or as some call it Ogadennews) that are always critical of Somaliland, its government and people. The people who write these pieces repeatedly accuse Somaliland of sowing the seeds of disunity of the former Somali ‘state’ through its withdrawal from the union, and the restoration its independence. Again,

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sheeko: Xidigiye Iyo Xurfad!

“Waar caalamka sare waa heehaab iyo heeso maaweel; ka hoosena waa hog madow iyo halaag eh oo hadda uun baan gartaye; meesha iga saara''! Xidigiye

-  Nin xidigiye ah ayaa waxa uu dhaqan u lahaa in uu habeenkii dibedda u baxo oo uu xidigaha dhugto. Meelo kala duwan ayuu ka eegi jiray xidhigaha si uu u ogaado isbedelada ka dhacaya deegamada balaadhan ee cirka. Isaga oo meel uu ka fiirinayay xidigihii ka dhaqaaqay, habeenkuna aad u madowyahay oo ay gudcur tahay, ayaa uu xidigiyihi ku siibtay oo uu ku dhacay xurfad weyn oo hoos qodon.

US Government Should Recognize the Republic of Somaliland

- We the Somaliland prodemocracy and human rights movements remind the US government when British Somaliland became an independent state on June 26, 1960, it was recognized by thirty-five states, including the United States
Somaliland deserves recognition if the Obama administration is truly sincere about promoting democracy in the wider Middle East. In sharp contrast to southern Somalia where instability and crisis have reigned and in fact intensified in the last twenty-one years, Somaliland has established a democratic polity that, if recognized, would make it the envy of democracy activists in the Muslim world.