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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Somaliland: Nutrition Situation Now at Very Critical Levels in Somaliland

Medair expands programme and launches major emergency response to save the lives of malnourished children and help families in need. Severe drought has led to a food crisis in the Horn of Africa that threatens the lives of almost 12 million people. Tens of thousands of children have already died in this escalating crisis. In a 16 August 2011 assessment [1], the nutrition situation in some areas of Somaliland (a region to the north of Somalia) has dramatically worsened to become “Very Critical.” Thanks to a generous outpouring of private donations, Medair is immediately expanding its Somaliland programme and launching a significant emergency response to save lives in two remote and highly vulnerable regions: Ceynabo district in Sool region, and Ceel Afweyn district in Sanaag region.

“A huge thank you to everyone who has made a donation,” said Emma Le Beau, Medair Country Director. “We cannot do emergency responses like this without private funding. It provides us with the confidence to be able to make quick decisions and therefore we have the agility to respond in crisis situations and save lives.”

In July, Medair conducted an assessment of communities in Ceynabo and Ceel Afweyn that revealed a number of emergency needs. With new information from FSNAU (Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit) surveys showing the nutrition situation at the “Very Critical” level, Medair believes that significant loss of life could occur in this region without an urgent intervention.

“The resources of these drought-stricken communities are being overstretched with the continual arrival of destitute, nomadic pastoralists whose livestock have died off, and who now have nowhere else to turn,” said Ms. Le Beau. “Both the host communities and internally displaced persons (IDPs) are facing a staggering volume of life-threatening concerns. They need more than just nutritional support. They also need health care, water, sanitation, and protective shelter.”

In response, Medair is expanding its integrated emergency response programme to reach underserved families in Ceynabo and Ceel Afweyn. The programme will provide nutrition for malnourished children, while also increasing access to health care (including mother-child health and vaccinations) and WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene).

“We have expertise in all of these sectors, so we have the capacity to deliver an integrated response,” said Ms. Le Beau. “This is the same kind of approach we have been using in Burao, with great success. Our response is led by the need for nutrition services, but given the severity of the crisis, we know that this kind of integrated approach is essential if we are to save the maximum possible number of lives.”

While aid agencies in the south continue to face major barriers to distributing food aid, Somaliland is a politically stable and secure region that has declared itself autonomous from Somalia. Medair has been successfully delivering aid in this region since 2008.

“Medair has been in Somaliland for three years now and we have strong working relationships with national and local government and with communities,” said Ms. Le Beau. “We have a qualified, experienced, and dedicated team of national staff delivering quality programmes. As such, we are in a strong position to respond to the devastating nutritional emergency that is now unfolding.”

Private donations have empowered Medair to act swiftly and launch this new emergency response. However, Medair still requires significant funding to run the programme. Our aim is to reach out and save the lives of as many of Somaliland’s most vulnerable children as we can. With your support, we have the capacity to do so. Please make a donation today at www.medair.org/donate.

[1] 16 August 2011 FSNAU (Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit) assessment :

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