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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It is time for the Government of Somaliland to serve and protect its people. By Mark T Jones

Whilst the Government seems beset with infighting over a sum of $500,000 that should have gone to the Finance Ministry a humanitarian disaster appears to be developing in Awdal region. People are fleeing their homes in Seemal and Elbardale following the recent murder of three locals. So far it has been reported at least 600people have fled from their homes and are on their way to the town of Dilla, Awdal. Yet whilst this displacement is going on it seems particularly shocking that the Vice Minister is busy inaugurating a number of projects and facilities in the same region.

He was in the nearby town of Gabiley on Sunday with a large delegation of ministers and government officials where he cut the ribbon for a number of infrastructures including two roads, an orphanage, class rooms and conference hall. The projects were reportedly all carried out by the local Gabiley administration.

In the same period, other ministerial delegations were in the northern port town of Zeila, in Salel, also not far from the hotspot (Seemal) where they also inaugurated a number of projects including offices for local transport department, education, sports, council centre and Zeila Port Authority. All of these trips being undertaken at considerable public expense, with ministers and their hangers-on expecting and enjoying lavish hospitality whilst many people in both urban and rural areas go hungry.

While the ministers were happy to go far and beyond, the people of Somaliland wish to know how come not a single minister visited Seemal to investigate the unfolding disaster? Why isn’t there any co-ordinated relief effort? So far the government has arrested prominent clan, political and religious leaders from Gabiley district including Sultan Hussein Aw Musa, the Gabiley community has condemned the arrests saying they have no connection with Seemal murders.

This is supposed to be time to heal the community and restore trust and harmony, not one for going on countless expensive jaunts. All this ribbon cutting madness and constant quest for photo opportunities must stop. Mr President, we respectfully request that you reassert your authority and restore order to your cabinet. Precious resources are desperately needed to be spent wisely on humanitarian relief, not locked away in the account of Mr Hussein Abdi Du’ale, Mining and Energy Minister.

The people of Somaliland are tired of corruption eroding their dreams. They want ministers and ministries that serve the people.

They expect to see co-ordinated government that minimises waste and maximises efficiency. Constantly laying the blame for the current malaise on previous administrations is just not good enough. It is essential that there are stronger anti-corruption measures, greater scrutiny of the country’s finances and genuine measures to address the scourge of youth unemployment, increase the health care budget and tackle environmental degradation.

Somaliland’s people expect an administration truly committed to a war on corruption at every level, to fostering openness when it comes to the country’s finances and working assiduously for peace and harmony – they will not settle for anything less.

In Seemal, we expect senior ministerial figures to visit the region and open a dialogue between the warring communities and conducting a thorough investigation into the killings. The perpetrators should face Somaliland legal system without favour or interference.

In regards to the aforementioned $500,000, we want to see all money transferred to the Ministry of Finance, if every man runs a separate financial account, then that does not make for effective government. Legitimate questions remain as to its exact origin and purpose. The current administration, while it deserves credit in certain fields, is starting to derail Somaliland’s progress by appearing to enter into seemingly shady deals that end up leaving more questions than they provide answers.

Oil and gas contracts, procurement contracts and the spectre of conflict of interest are issues of enormous public interest.

Mr Hussein Abdi Du’ale has been less than candid about what is really going on and this does not bode well for a minister who is meant to serve his nation in the fields of mining, energy and water. So pivotal is such a portfolio that in most countries they would normally make up three separate ministries – so why is Somaliland so very different?

Mr President, these are challenging times both for Somaliland and the wider world. We are grateful for the progress that you and some of your ministers have made, but it is abundantly clear that much work remains to be done. Recent episodes have raised serious questions about certain ministers and whether it is time for them to step aside and allow others to serve the people.

We implore you to demonstrate firm leadership and wisdom at this time, and remind those in Government that it is their primary duty to serve and protect the people.

By Mark T Jones/somalilandpress

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