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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally, Palestine Statehood in UN.

Palestinians have taken entire western a terrocracies by shock by its decision to move for a UN vote to ensure statehood for the besieged Palestinians. The Palestinian leader informed U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during their meeting that he would present him with a letter requesting full membership on Friday, ahead of Abbas’ speech to the General Assembly. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is pressing ahead with his diplomatic campaign to gain full UN membership for Palestine. As the Palestinians edged closer to seeking statehood recognition from the UN, Israeli terror PM B. Netanyahu called for Abbas to meet with him in New York followed with a series of such useless meetings in Jerusalem and Ramallh. He provided no other details or indications that Netanyahu was willing to cede to any of the Palestinians’ demands.The Israel hawkish leader said he wanted to resume “peace talks”, upping the pressure on Abbas and building on the frenzied diplomacy swirling around the Palestinians’ bid.

The unilateral USA is talking with all sides to defuse the standoff in favor of Israel. Hoping America is capable of overcoming the Palestinian firmness and stopping them form becoming a full fledged UN member to exist with human dignity, Madam Clinton said, however, there was still time to find a solution to the diplomatic crisis. The US gives some $500 million a year in aid to the Palestinians. The dictatorial USA effectively control the notorious UNSC and Madam Clinton thinks it USA could stop the Palestinians form raising their legitimate demand by disapproving it.

UN chief and a US agent Ban ki Moon reiterated his support for the two-state solution and stressed his desire to ensure that the international community and the two parties can find a way forward for resuming negotiations within a legitimate and balanced framework.

Any candidate for UN membership must submit a letter to the secretary-general stating it is a “peace-loving” state and accepts the U.N. Charter. Ban is expected to examine the Palestinian letter and then send it to the 15-member UN Security Council, which must give its approval before a vote in the larger General Assembly. Ban “reiterated his support for the two-state solution and stressed his desire to ensure that the international community and the two parties can find a way forward for resuming negotiations within a legitimate and balanced framework. The comment underscored the desires of some members of the Quartet of Mideast mediators that Palestinian statehood should not be granted before a resumption of peace talks. While the four international mediators have repeatedly called for renewed negotiations, while China remains non-commital, Russia supports UN membership for Palestine.

Since the notorious UNSC controlled by USA by coercive diplomacy and arms-aid gimmicks, Palestinians must take up the statehood issue directly with UN in stead of depending on an insane forum like UNSC that sends NATO terror syndicates to invade sovereign states like Libya for making them client stats of USA, especially when the dictatorial USA has already threatened to use its fascist veto to obstruct the establishment of Palestine state.

Western pro-Israeli strategists suggest that the Palestinians could seek the approval of a majority of the General Assembly’s 193 member states to upgrade their status from a permanent observer to a nonmember observer state — a designation that would leave them with a symbolic victory despite years of failed negotiations and waning hopes for statehood. However, brushing aside heated Israeli objections and a promised US veto against the Palestinian statehood the issue takes center stage with world’s fanaitc leaders with terrorist insticts gathering for the opening of the UN General Assembly session.

If USA reamins a perpetual threat to Palestine and other coccupied nations, and if general Council could enact a new law to directly offer membership to besigned nations like Palestine without the involvement of UNSC, Abbas must present the Palestine Statehood case directly in UN. By already threatening a veto in the notorious UNSC, the USA has blocked that course for the Palestinians before they even submit the request. Last ditch efforts to dissuade the Palestinian president from approaching the Security Council have failed and the Palestinians, threatened with harsh punitive measures, have decided to move ahead nonetheless.

II- As per the joint conspiracy of USA, UK and Israel, Israel captured both areas in the 1967 Mideast war. The long-stalled negotiations have been unable to solve key issues including Israeli settlement building in the West Bank and the status of east Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want as their capital.

USA and Europe are puzzled by the firm conviction of the Palestinians to approach the UN for formal recognition of Palestine as a full member. USA, Quartet and Israel jointly played gimmicks with the Palestinians for decades now letting the Zionist criminals to kill Palestinians and confiscate their lands to expand the illegal proliferation of colonies inside Palestine. Envoys of the Quartet of Mideast mediators — the USA, the UN, the EU and Russia — planned to meet again on 20th Sept in an effort to avert a divisive showdown over Palestinian statehood as usual by skillfully crafting a way forward that would be enough to persuade the Palestinians to drop their bid and have enough caveats for Israel to get its support. The great idea of these powers is to somehow prolong the occupation and settlements until further orders and to help fascist Israel with its fascist pursuits and fool the Palestinians.

For the first time, Palestinians and Abbas are undaunted by US threats of punitive measures and Israel protests. Abbas rightly says that 20 years of negotiations are more than enough, it’s horribly enough, the world should intervene and end the Israeli occupation as long as the USA can’t.

The UNSC which is supposed to protect the nations and peoples from enemy attacks but it protects only NATO sttes, pro-US nations and destroys those nations that oppose weastern militarism, American imperialism or European colonialist ambitions. And if this notorious UNSC objects to Palestine’s case for an independent nation for themselves son their own lands, now under Israeli fascist occupation, then, this organization must face dismantlement. Of course, it is time the UN general council abolished the UNSC and replaced it with a new UN peace council without veto facility for any nation to play with the fate of weak nations.

An illegal Israel is more important to the western terrocracies than a terrorized and besieged Palestine. The West is opposed to any Fatah-Hamas unity government and also opposed to an independent Palestine but is deadly keen to see Palestine as Israel’s permanent colony in Mideast. This is not in contradiction to the policy of US-NATO converting many sovereign Muslim nations into US colonies – and not exactly as NATO’s own collective colonies. Meanwhile, the Quartet envoys are to discuss the sensitive diplomatic work towards a joint Quartet statement that would include a modest upgrade to Palestinian status at the UN, address Israel’s demand that it be recognized as a Jewish state, and set a broad timeline for renewed negotiations.

Extra hardliners in Netanyahu’s government being controlled by the illegal settlers have called for a variety of measures, including annexing parts or all of the West Bank or withholding tax funds that Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinians. After killing all agreements they signed with Palestinians, just like the Israeli criminals kill the besieged Palestinians, the hard headed Jews in Israel threaten the Palestinians saying that by going to the UN, the Palestinians are violating “the spirit and the word of signed commitments” that pledged to resolve disagreements through negotiations.

When Zionist criminals, being untrustworthy and intransigent participants in the “peace” process, cut jokes it does not create humor at all!

III- Any country, democracy or autocracy, opposing the the Palestinian bid for a permanent membership in UN as its legitimate right is in fact a condemned criminal state.

Despite the decades’ terror efforts of Israel-US terror twins, Palestine is a peace-loving state and has contributed to human civilization, that it has succeeded in building state institutions.” It would also cite the need to consider the pre-1967 Mideast War borders as those of the Palestinian state

Upon the UN vote in its favor, the Palestinians will have shown they have the power to force action on the issue at a time when Israel is feeling increasingly isolated in the region. But their worry is not about Israeli weaknesses or US cowardice, but rather how to strengthen their own future nation to let the people live peacefully with prosperity.

When entire western world, essentially anti-Islamic rogue states are converging on how to deny the Palestinians a statehood on their lands and how best to help maintain the Zionist terror interests in the region, the Arab nations and Islamic world at large are not taking a collective stand on Palestine and support them with a plan strategy to end opposition to Palestine state once for all. That is the biggest advantage for the western terrocracies.

USA has yet again exposed as enemy of peace with its open, shameless opposition to statehood bid through UN by Palestine struggling under the terrorist Zionist regime for years since 1948 to obtain sovereignty and peace from an arrogant Israel. this funny terrosit gimmicks would go on for ever unless the fascist onward process is stopped by a joint effort by all Muslm nations, mainly the Arab states.

By. DR. ABDUL RUFF (Colachel Blog)

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