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Friday, September 16, 2011

Op-Ed:Those who do not comprehend Somaliland, can seek citizenship in Somalia

''The Self named SSC group are alien and not genuine of the region''.

The self named SSC group which are suffering identity crises, sought cheap shot diplomacy in the TFG of Sheikh Sharif. They have assured to extend their animosity towards Somaliland in every trench. If we have to consider their claim to represent SSC, first and foremost, the folks are confused and myopic about their goals and are by now rather reckless and lost in the famous Somali politics of back stabbing. They are dwelling in Mogadishu begging their earned Independence in 1960 with the Somaliland block, that is if they were to be genuine. It is laughable to see them back to square one, doing what Somaliland stood firm in dealing with Southern Somalia. They claim to dismiss the accord of Somaliland communities in Burao Declaration in 1991. They despise the call from Hargeisa to end animosity among the communities but rather chose to pursue what Somaliland turned down to accept from Mogadishu.

Somaliland Communities earned their esteemed peace with capacities and honor.

The Politics of the group claiming SSC is synonymous of a self laid trap awaiting only them as prey. The day has come to the demise of the group claiming SSC. It is obvious, where Somaliland turned down the ill fated union with Mogadishu, becomes hard for the alien group to comprehend. A reason many folks say, the group is just part of many other players in disguise denouncing Somaliland entity and have no founding in the communities in region in the first place. The typical multiplication of autonomous small state claims in southern Somalia so that to erode the creditability of the two blocks that formed in the union of proper Somalia.

But if they are to claim to represent SSC, they are off course not different from the others claiming to represent Somaliland and now dwelling in Mogadishu whom we know to hang in limbo for appointment for a position in the TFG. But the communities in Somaliland are united to uphold their esteemed freedom earned with the honor of their capacities. It was their freewill they joined with the south and likewise it is their free choosing to draw back from it. It is not worthy in here elaborating the reason why, of the withdrawal and the self demeaning that deprived Somalia of all dignity. Somaliland is not for negotiation, nor does the south have any business of its affairs.

Somaliland cannot be claimed by fellows from the south.

Somaliland is a country defined, by all of its integrity, in a constitution and as such, cannot be claimed by the self named alien group who are in deep identity crises. The syndrome of the group claiming SSC is the typical feud that fuels many of the unknown bandits fighting endlessly in the south. It is the fault line and the identification of those nurtured in the south. The group has nothing in common with the culture of the communities in Somaliland and its people. There are those their ancestor lineage traced to localities in some communities in Somaliland but have never lived nor posses the culture of the land. There are those matured when the former regime of Somalia dubbed with the socialist revolutionary, misled masses of the people and their youth in Mogadishu robbing of their wealth and minds. Importing the like minds in any part of the local communities in Somaliland regions destabilizes the harmony of peace in the religion.

Southern Somalia is preserved for the greed of the colonial shadow.

Southern Somalia is entrenched for the greed of the colonial shadow that engineered and screwed up the social structure of the south. It is a place where any hopes for social and cultural resurrection are doomed. It is a place where its intellectual capacities are built on and manipulated by diverse foreign thoughts and resources. It is a place where nation building principal is absent. It is a place where the fabric of socio-economy is not in place. The people of Mogadishu are aware the anarchy and the shaky foundation that their so called administration is built on. It is a place in ruins for almost quarter of a century. It is a place where the tides of unsettled differences can explode unexpectedly and send more fleeing refugees in the neighboring countries. It is simply like Haiti and perhaps worse in character for their hopeless self imposed desperation, a place the international community sealed off for its troubles. In the logical thinking, a resurrection of dignity for the people in southern Somalia is not earlier than a century. It is a place where virtually the feud is designed for the extinction of its people by chasing each other and on a lease on the land for a set date. Any part of the people of Somaliland cannot be tricked in a mirage.

Somaliland is built on healthy socioeconomic structure.

It is a country built on patriotism and the genuine representation of its people a typical make up of its offspring. It is a widely known fact that Somaliland has been lead by legislation councils at the local and at the national levels for a long time. It has a legislation that is progressively being amended to the highest moral and legal achievement in its justice. It is a country that enjoys a healthy socioeconomic structure based on the aptitude of its communities. It is a country that its stability and governance synchronizes with its gross national product. It is a country that upholds the representation of its citizens and its obligations neither at the expense of others nor a showoff to others.

The injustice Lasanod learned from Garowe.

The mislead group claiming SSC dwelling in Mogadishu, even if choosing between the unequal proximity of Hargeisa and Hamar ”Mogdishu” to Lasanod being the center of the group, hence brings the Somali saying – the priority of alleviating strata of thorny bushes needs good thinking – Then in here it indicates the reason they went to Mogadishu is clear as the day light sun that they have never settled with their inner truth but rather envy the precedence of cleverness by others, not only that but also seek the destruction of Somaliland’s five million people. What makes them despise in joining the peace in Somaliland is questionable. But the answer is very clear by their intention of cursing hostility between the local communities. It is a God given reality that the landscape and the trend binding the socioeconomic fabric of the local communities are indestructible. If however, the group claiming SSC have a reason to be heard as to why they should be privileged by the TFG, my simple question is why did their union with Puntland not any bear fruits ? They know the demise and the injustice they faced with in Garowe, Puntland, but rather they kept seeking yet further humiliation from Hamar “ Mogadhiu” not to succeed but to envy Somaliland. The saying of “Haani gun bay ka tolantaa” – a fiber made container for holding milk starts at the base in its making – hey by the way don’t be mistaken if the said fiber will be bringing the union back – but to enlighten the group claiming SSC, that how the deep thinking elders and the politicians of Somaliland are farfetched than the minds of the group claiming to represent SSC. The bone of the contention is “in Somaliland we honor – In Somalia they don’t honor –“ This is the same square you are returning to pal.

If the south were to be laid to rest, don’t expect of inheritance.

My conclusion for the empty handed group claiming SSC that they are on the same boat with the TFG grapping the dust, it is a matter of time. The people of the territories you are claiming to represent are not convinced of one single reason as to why should they queue in behind you for the same demise over and over again. The territories the group fell in love however are not in fact as they think it is but they should see it as follows:

• Its faith and destiny is Somaliland.

• It is part of and shares economy and culture with rest of Somaliland.

• The thoughts and the minds of the people cannot be polarized southward except by Allah –

• It cannot be decided by Bari and Nugaal of Somalia nor the Hawd region of Ethiopia.

• It is a parcel of Somaliland,

• it Is not a parcel of Somalia.

• It is inherited in Somaliland,

• it is the pasture and the arable of Somaliland.

• It is the liability of Somaliland.

The fact your cleverness needs to compare the humiliation of Lasanod by Garowe, in comparison with Hargeisa by Mogadishu in light with Somaliland and Somalia. The contrast is not far from the fault line or the border between Lasanod and Garawe. If for political argument Lasanod cannot find itself in Somaliland meaning cannot settle its difference with Hargeisa, how would it be possible to settle its difference in Mogadishu among the rest of Somalia’s other regions?

If a fair share is spared by the TFG or the perspective regime for the group claiming SSC, and I am sure it will never happen, here is the stand of Somaliland: the equation I have thought very well for you settles down to this: the group claiming to represent SSC retains citizenship with Somalia. Since Somaliland is not compromising its obligations with a regime in Southern Somalia the judgment allows dual nationality and limited rights of land transfer only for your emotional attachment with the south. Dual nationality is familiar with many of the members in the group who have by now from different countries. This generation owes to the next generation a shoulder and protection for their land. Finally, I am not betting the least on any hope in the south for if it was to be laid to rest I will not be the beneficiary of their land; the colonial ancestor is far more scrambled by lineage.

Ahmed Abdillahi (Ahmed_abdillahi@yahoo.com)/KSA


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