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Friday, August 24, 2012

Xasan Ciise is the best presidential candidate: Dr Tani

- Dr Maxamud Sheikh Xasan Tani thunderous depiction of Xasan Ciise Jaamac as the best presidential candidate is sending shock waves throughout Somaliland one month after the good doctor touted both the academic career and the leadership experience of the Xaqsoor front man.

Dr Tani remains a pillar and the intellectual conscience of UDUB but he is also known for his open-mindness and his ability to acknowledge the achievements of his political opponents. This, combined with his undeniable clout in Somaliland, made Dr Tani the target of an intense jockeying from all Somaliland parties to land his support or endorsement.

I came back from Somaliland a few weeks ago and the video of Dr Tani is the talk of the town especially in Hargeisa and Borama. Most Somalilanders especially the younger generations were not aware of the top notch academic qualifications and intellectual abilities of Xasan Ciise Jaamac because of his humble and non boastful nature.

While some call themselves engineer after their first electronic course or play up any managerial position they once held, Xasan Ciise was a full fledge lawyer, novelist and broadcaster with the BBC, and as mentioned by Tani he landed his bar exam after his first attempt. Not a trivial achievement for someone whose mother tongue was not English. And yet, Xasan Ciise would not boast about it.

In this manner, Dr Tani video played an important educational role among the poll-goers and forced them to look beyond the upcoming municipal election towards the kind of leadership we need in Somaliland. Dr Tani wholeheartedly endorsement of Xasan Ciise Jaamac “as the best presidential candidate”, is not only rooted in the outstanding academic and professional credentials of the Xaqsoor leader but stem also from the honest, competent and democratic style of stewardship he provided during his tenure as Somaliland VP.

As I said, I vacationed in Somaliland recently and as a person living in Canada was frequently asked about the political intentions of Dr Tani (questions I could not answer because I do not know the good doctor having only met him once in a wedding ceremony almost a decade ago). From what I can say, there is a soft spot in Somalilanders heart for Dr Tani and rumors and political scenarios are discussed for the political return of the favorite son.

According to one scenario, Tani could team up with Xaqsoor if UDUB is defeated at the polls and end up as VP and with a major ministerial post in a Xasan Ciise administration provided that Xaqsoor makes good in his promise to introduce two VP in Somaliland. Which would in turn allow Dr Tani to president election once term of Xasan Ciise runs out. Far fetched maybe but I told you that he is the favorite son.

To view Dr Tani video;

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