.....(Hal-ku-dhigyo Dhaxal-gal Noqday) = ..... President, C/raxmaan A. Cali: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland dib ayay ula soo Noqotay Qaran-nimadeedii sidaa awgeed, waa dal xor ah oo gooni u taagan maanta (18/05/1991) laga bilaabo''...>>>>> President, Maxamad I.Cigaal:''Jiritaanka Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland'' Waa mid waafaqsan xeerasha u-degsan Caalamka! Sidaa darteed, waa Qaran xaq u leh in Aduunku aqoonsado''...>>>>> President, Daahir R. Kaahin: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland waa dal diimuqraadi ah oo caalamka ka sugaya Ictiraafkiisa''...>>>>> President, Axmed M. Siilaanyo: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, Boqol sano haday ku qaadanayso helista Ictiraafkeedu way Sugaysaa! Mar dambena la midoobi mayso Somalia-Italia''.....[***** Ha Jirto J.Somaliland Oo Ha Joogto Waligeed *****].....

Friday, April 5, 2013

We See Corruption In Each And Every Corner Of Somaliland .

- Whenever I think of our country somaliland , a question that haunts me is “Will I be able to visualize a corruption – free and self – reliable somaliland. ?
My question remain unanswered many times but in due course of time I came to know of several facts that today corruption is more powerful than knowledge, more powerful than wisdom, more powerful than degrees. As we can buy all of these with money.
If you want to settle in a good job, you have to pay some money . If you have to register your land or building, BRIBE. If you want to make your things done in a government office even, BRIBE. To get your ration rice also, pay BRIBE. , BRIBE. , BRIBE. , everywhere corruption.

If we grease one’s palms, nothing can be said impossible. As said by a scholar, Corruption it is the root cause of all kinds of troubles and sins. But, now-a-days, we see a lush green abundance of this corruption in each and every corner of somaliland .
And because of this corruptions , common man is being deprived of all basic needs of living and this would certainly have a disastrous effect on a country’s economy as well as its progress. It may also be the reason for brain drain.
What a poor somaliland it’s heartbreaking for me to agree that more than half of the people are crying and begging on roads just for their food. Then what about their daily needs? Why to go so far beyond our age? Just see how many children are being malnourished everyday in all over somaliand.
On the other hand, somaliland is falling into the hand of greedy uneducated politician Minister of Aviation who Bribe and buy votes with an intention of increasing he’s income vigorously and it’s proved statistically he stored millions of dollars in DUBAI and UK banks
In-spite of having a highly educated president and a well – defined constitution I do not really understand why the Minister of Aviation still active.

We all love somaliland and We should inculcate responsible nature from now itself and keep ourselves away from this evil practice. We should play a pious role in molding somaliland into a PRISTINE world that’s free from all kinds of discriminations and corruption harassments.
It’s not only my dream but millions of somalilanders are waitting for this moments.
Mohamed Muse Ismail
--- Posted by Anwar/Hargeisa

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