.....(Hal-ku-dhigyo Dhaxal-gal Noqday) = ..... President, C/raxmaan A. Cali: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland dib ayay ula soo Noqotay Qaran-nimadeedii sidaa awgeed, waa dal xor ah oo gooni u taagan maanta (18/05/1991) laga bilaabo''...>>>>> President, Maxamad I.Cigaal:''Jiritaanka Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland'' Waa mid waafaqsan xeerasha u-degsan Caalamka! Sidaa darteed, waa Qaran xaq u leh in Aduunku aqoonsado''...>>>>> President, Daahir R. Kaahin: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland waa dal diimuqraadi ah oo caalamka ka sugaya Ictiraafkiisa''...>>>>> President, Axmed M. Siilaanyo: ''Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, Boqol sano haday ku qaadanayso helista Ictiraafkeedu way Sugaysaa! Mar dambena la midoobi mayso Somalia-Italia''.....[***** Ha Jirto J.Somaliland Oo Ha Joogto Waligeed *****].....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Political choices Should Be Made On The Basis Of Philosophy And policy Positions, not Tribe.!!!

- I appeal for Somaliland people to put partisanship and tribal hatred and division aside and let’s forge a common path to a more peaceful and prosperous future, beginning with choosing our leaders in the next elections based on qualifications and ability, not tribalism and negative ethnicity. We have done it in the past (coming together for a common good of the country) and I am sure we can do it again in 2015.

It’s perfectly okay for people to be divided along political ideology and philosophy and, in that sense, where one tribe or another stands shouldn’t really matter.The problem and disease, hatemonger’s more precisely, is we are divided along tribal and ethnic lines, which is holding us back or down, depending on how one looks at it. My wish is we are all united first as Somalilanders, a one nation and along the way we can build a political climate whereby our leaders are chosen by virtue of their political ability and qualifications, not tribal or ethnic identity.

Political choices should be made on the basis of philosophy and policy positions, not tribe. That is the Somaliland we all aspire to have. That is the somaliland that is truly democratically mature. Political choices can be made on philosophy only if we campaign in one language but if we keeping speaking in our tribal languages for somewhere then people will only choose their own tribe. Typically some people feel close to those who hit the tribal drum.

I keep praying that even if we don’t achieve that aspiration in 2015,we do it in the following election and the elections after. Somaliland has so much potential but is always bogged down by games of tribal arithmetic. That has to stop and we here on these political party should show the way by practicing what we claim we want our people to be. I’m sure Our God meant for us to have a peaceful and progressive society,devoid of tribalism and hate (the end).

I remain optimistic this will be the case starting from 2015 general elections.

''Unity, Peace and Truth''

By Maxamed-Amiin Dahir Caynaanshe


Posted by Ahmed-yare (UK)

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